Ever think how to live a royal lifestyle with the super-deluxe and sumptuous dwelling? The deluxe tent houses raise the bar to the edge of a divergent stage. Thevillatent offers you this breathtaking moment to experience the real lifestyle as an emperor. Amaze your relatives and friends with the stunning looks of the Platinum Resort Tents,which have the splendor that can be seen in every part of its depiction. The tent can spread over 20’9” by 31 feet in size; it is the ideal choice for any blissful juncture or a grand event for your family and friends. The shape of these Resort Tents is like two Pyramids joined to each other having two pointed peaks on it, which increases its impressive and unique looks. One peak of this tent is slightly elevated than another peak. This characteristic raises its simplicity to attract more visitors towards your Resort.


The design of The Platinum Resort tents is specialized in its every corner that accomplished to generate a look of crowned heads. The ornaments and fringes are adding up in order to intact the looks; some striking attributes of this well-appointed tent are articulated. This tent is only the one that has statuette design on fascia from the indoor of this comfortable resort. This tent has insulated panel walls, which make you feel safe and comfortable during cold nights. These panels made with tenuous-massed and strong materials, which are more reliable to prevent any kind of feral creatures. These properties make The Platinum Resort Tent a perfect choice for an outing.


This awesome tent is one of the best RESORT tent that Thevillatent has been offering to its customers. The interior design of the Surya villa Resort Tent fascinates you in the first sight. Its magnificent looks stun you for a while and force you to admire its beauty. It appears that the kingdom of the sun has landed on the earth. Russian pinewood is used to make Surya villa’s tent flooring which grants the luxurious looks and gives slightly aroma of pine. This tent holds three sliding doors with cynical glass and a reliable lock, which inhibit the intrusion of insects and reptiles in your comfort zone. This wonderful tent has an attached washroom, a dressing room and 29.06 ft by 20 ft carpet span with the side height of 7.2 ft, which provides enough space to enjoy your holidays with ingenuity.


If you desire a Royal Luxurious Resort Tent at your place then no need to waste your time and money by visiting non-authentic manufacturers. Thevillatent offers you all the mind-blowing types and designs of Deluxe Tents to add a touch of Luxury to your Resort or penthouse. They are one of the top manufacturers of resort tents in the world. Their tents are top in class made with high quality material, which provides you all the comfort and royalty everyone wants in his or her life. Make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. By just one call, your dream of a luxurious lifestyle can come true.


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