Ans-Our tents cost depends upon the model of the tent. Customers in which model he is interested can make query with us and conformed about the price and model according to himself.

Ans-Actually there is no fixed price for the shipping cost. It depends upon customers that how much tents he will be demand from us and also depends upon the export designation of the customers.

 Ans-Our tents cost not according to the square feet. The tent cost mainly depends upon its tent model , quality and durability.

 Ans-Our tent size is about 130 square foot to 2500 square foot.

Ans- No, we don’t have printed brochure. If you want to more information you can go through our website that can help you to find out everything that you want.
Ans- We has our manufacturing company in india.we exports our products in the worldwide from India.
Ans- Mostly orders depend upon two things that are quantity and destination’s it will be depends upon the quantity of demand and your destination.
Ans- Actually we are tent manufacturer basically we made tents and export in worldwide. Mostly customer set up their tent with their own help. But if the customer demands for setting up their tents then we can send our expert and local laborers provide b
Ans -Yes, we have made custom tents also but firstly this type of tents takes a lot time in manufacturing, secondly it can be set up only with the help of engineer. It is a high costly tent in comparison of others tents.
Ans- Yes , we supplied decking according to customer demands .If we supplied the decking to the customer it would be too much costly for the customer due to increasing charges in shipping so that’s why we always suggest our customers to purchase such
Ans- Moreover, we offered steels squire tube for tent frame and fittings .
Ans- Our tents are normally made with heavy quality materials so our tents are very strong . Mainly tents life depends upon the climate . Mostly our luxury tents life are +5 years .
Ans-Yes, our tents can faced snowfall .normally it depends upon the roof of the tent and in which type of place you set up your tent.
Ans- Yes, our tents can face heavily rainfall. Mainly we manufactured water proof tents.
Ans- Yes, our tents are able to face the u.v of the sun even they are able to face the hot climate of the summer season.
Ans- Yes, for customer demands we provided flame retardant tents for extra charges .
Ans- No, we made all tents according to customer’s orders and demands.
Ans- yes, we provide wooden platform for our buyers.
Ans- Yes, you can see our tent samples through visit our company.
Ans- No
Ans- Actually for security purpose wooden doors are used in our tents that make secure to it.
Ans- The things that comes under a basic tent that is tent body, PVC rain fly, 80% shades, tent body poles, ridge poles, windows and doors.
Ans- Yes, as per customer request we make inspection time to time on his site but it will be chargeable.
Ans- Well in this matter we only suggest our customer to preferred wooden ground sheet because they can be changed very easily.
Ans- Yes we offered discount to our customer on the basis of their Quantity of demand and model.
Ans- Yes, our tents can easily face the strong wind due to heavy materials .
Ans-Yes, it’s possible for us. We customized different types of tents and export them according to customer demands.
Ans-Yes, but we advised our customers for used of Ac only.
Ans-Yes, we have showroom in Ambala City, India. Customers can visit our showroom to see all the samples of all types of tents.
Ans-No, only we manufactured the tents according to customer orders and demands.
Ans- Yes, it can be take down easily.actully we made separate equal parts of tents that can helps that helps the customers to easily set up and take down the tents.
Ans-Yes, our all tents are permanent semi constructed.
Ans- Our tents are too much durable and their long lasting time is mainly 3-8 yrs.basically tents durability depends upon climate of that area and how we keep their maintenance. We advised our customers to give their maximum 15 minutes for wash the roof
Ans- Yes, you can use heater in the tents during the winter season. All the tents are made from fabric so that we only suggest to use space heater in it. Don’t use open flame heater in it.


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