now simple camping tents are change in glamping tents

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now simple camping tents are change in glamping tents

When you think that How to Simple camping tents are changed in glamping(glamour) tents? Then read this full blog in below and get more information on the history of tents.

Initially a simple cloth tent was used at the camp side to stay everywhere until some time back, but from time to time tourists want to do something different from the previous facility there. Therefore, they demand that we shall stay in tents, but want convenience according to high-class glamor. These demanding features transform simple camping tents into glamping tents.

Resorts are more popular these days then hotels because today tourists have starts thought that our house and office is built in concrete. Therefore, we feel that when we shall go on holidays with my family. we will stay with nature. The luxury resort has provided natural environments. But tourists demand that we shall be stay in the tent, but we want facility equal to 5 stars in the tent.

Therefore, in the tourist business, the word glamping was used instead of the word camping. Means now tourist wants stay in luxury resort tent with 5-star facility. These luxury resort tents are fully waterproof, flame retardant, sound proof for rain water and rot proofed. These luxury resort tents are slightly costly more than other Indian camping tents. Because the most of the raw material of these tents are import from many parts of the world to India. These luxury glamping resort tent more comfort and safe in heavy rains, wild animals, fire, winds, humanities weather, hot climate, and earthquake. These tent side walls have in 50 mm insulated panels so all types of air-conditioner have working properly. These features are providing more safety and saving in elasticity and money.

Now “The Vedanta International” providing you high class, flame retardants and 100% waterproofed luxury resort tents. They are mostly import all raw material from outside of India because they do not find high quality tent raw material from India. They use only imported raw material and making all tents in his workshop in Ambala City, Haryana, India. They are used best thirds, tents accessorise, CRC steel poles in his workshop for his luxury tents products.