Tips for Planning a Resort Launch

Resorts are an excellent way to get away from the city for a weekend getaway to detox and destress. A lot of people plan their vacations in advance to get the best deals on the resorts as well as travel tickets to the destination. Launching a resort can be a very overwhelming experience especially when you plan to launch one in India which has a lot of hill stations and site seeing locations across the entire country! If you own a resort at a hill station and have recently launched it, in order to attract more audience, here are a few things you need to do –

Invest in luxury suite

No matter how big or small your resort is, it is essential to invest in a couple of luxury suites for guests who want a more classy and luxurious feel for their holiday or vacation. Luxury suites also give a professional and classy touch to your resort and will definitely attract the high-spenders for your resort! You can also have a customized menu for the luxury suites specially designed for your high spending guests!

Luxury tents

If you want to attract party people and families who want to throw close knit family functions like wedding receptions or engagements, then you need to invest in ultra-luxury Surya villa tents. This can be an added feather in your hat and you can also advertise this feature in your pamphlets as well as online on your website. This is also excellent for groups of customers who want to stay in the tent to party together and bunk in together! You can also have a tie up with your local party and safari villa tent manufacturer in India for discounted luxury tents.

Live barbeque meals

People love live barbeque meals and barbeque parties. Having your very own large barbeque grill at your resort. You can organize live music with the barbeque party for your guests to party the night away while enjoying some excellent fresh barbecued food! Barbeque parties are usually a big hit during the monsoons or winters when the weather is pleasant.

Discount stay packages

A lot of resorts do this to attract more customers during the peak season as well as during the weekends. For your resort launch, you can have a limited edition package for weekends or monsoons for couples or for families looking for a weekend getaway. Everyone likes discounts especially when they want to enjoy a low budget vacation or weekend getaway. These packages can be advertised across social media websites to reach the right targeted audience.

Apart from these pointers, be sure to launch your resort during a peak season so that you get excellent business right at the start of your launch phase. This will ensure that you cover up on your costs and suffer a lot of losses during the non-peak seasons!forget to make full use of the social media marketing to target the best customers and the right target audience.

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