Aarti Resort

The Aarti Resort tent come with two pointed. This tent come with washroom, room and veranda. The roof of this tent in three layers (top layer 350GSM with flame retardant shade net, 2nd 600GSM PVC non- flame retardant and 3rd polyester Non-flame-retardant inner lining.

The side walls are made in soiled 50mm insulated panels decorated with by real wood on central joints. A small washroom size 8x4 feet also provided you in this tent with PVC with PVC fabric door. A small space 4x4feet also provided you for Almira in this tent.

This tent provided you a sufficient space 12x12feet for room. A king-size Bed with two side service table, two chairs with one coffee table and one LCD fitted in this tent properly.

The front of this tent is made in uPVC with 5mm ordinary clear glass. The door of this tent is sliding with clear glass. The polyester non flame-retardant curtains are also provided in this tent for privacy. When you will be sliding the curtain from inside then you get clear view from inside to outside.

This tent is come with 12x6feet open veranda with shade net canopy. You will be enjoying morning meditations or evening tea on this beautiful porch on this tent.


Name Inches Meter
Overall Size 23ft x 14ft (322 ft2) 7.01 m x 4.26 m (29.86 m2)
Carpet Area 22 ft x 12 ft  (264 ft2) 6.70 m x 3.65m (24.45 m2)
Side Height 6 ft 6 inch 1.98 m
Apex 11 ft 6 inch 3.50 m2
Room Size 12 ft x 12 ft (144 ft2) 3.65 m x 3.65m (13.32 m2)
Laguge Room
4 ft x 4 ft (16 ft2)
3.65 m x 3.65m (13.32 m2)
Washroom 8 ft x 4ft ( 32 ft2) 1.21 m x 1.21m (1.46 m2)
Porch 12 ft x 6 ft ( 72 ft2) 3.65m x 2.44 m (8.90 m2)