white forest tent

The White Forest Tent is in a pyramid shape and has all the essentials inside. It is a compact and perfect tent for big events, weddings and functions, If you have a massive celebration in your resort or hotel, you can use the White Forest Tent as washrooms, guard room, changing room and much more. It is a multipurpose tent that comes with a steel glass door and a lock system. The tent is made with four layers consisting.

  • Shade Fly– This is useful to keep the outer portion of the tent secure from any kind of dust or pollution. It also keeps the interior of the tent cool.
  • PVC Rain Fly– This is useful to keep away the rain from entering the tent and also water drops.
  • Polyester Canvas– Canvas is widely used in almost every tent as it helps in holding up the tent and adds to the layers of protection.
  • Cotton– We want our tents to be different from the others usual ones in the market, and that is why we have a special pure cotton fabric layering in the innermost portion of the tent. This doesn’t just keep the heat away but also add to provide the different look to the tent.

This tent has curtains around it and a wooden platform. It is for special evening time get together and can be used as seating arrangement too. This is great for open banquet halls for weddings as it can be a special area for the bride and groom to sit or it can be useful for guests to freshen up too. We have made sure to design the tent in such a way that you can use it for various purposes.
The White Forest Tent is one of the most useful and multipurpose tents in the market. It is simple, beautiful and handy!

This tent is an ideal for tented resort washroom, Washroom, Toilet, Guard Room, Cloth Changing Room, Day camping, hotel, beach, desert and garden.

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Name Inches Meter
Overall Size 13 ft 5 inch x 18 ft (243 ft2) 4.08 m x 5.48m (22.2m2)
Leaving Area 11 ft x 11 ft (121 ft2) 3.35 m x 3.35 m (11.22 m2)
Porch 11 ft x 8 ft (88 ft2) 3.35 m x 2.43 m (8.14 m2)
Side Height 6 ft 6inch 1.98 m
Apex 11 ft 3.35 m
Wooden Door 2 ft 7 inch x 6 ft 6 inch(17.82 ft2) 0.78 m x 1.98 m (1.54 m2)