The Villa Tent

Every tourist wants safety, comfort and privacy when he or his family will be stay in tented resorts. Mostly resorts construct in green forest. Forest means wild animals like tiger, leopard, lion and elephants. These animals always dangrous for tented resort staff and tourists. But don’t worry about these animals if you will be stay in our ultra-luxury resort tent” The Villa Tent “because this tent has 50mm insulated panels, door and windows in uPVC and roof in three layers.

Our ultra luxury semi-permanent resort tent “The Villa Tent" is single pointed, most beautiful and symbol of relaxed. The tent roof is made in three layers of this tent make less rainy sound and gorgeous. This luxury resort tent come with two options is without wooden platform or with wooden platform. The side walls have in 50mm insulated panels and inside is furnished with flame retardant* luxury white carving. These futures are gives extra brilliance and embellish feeling in this luxury tent.

The room size(14x14feet) is also a big space for couple. They are fully enjoyed their holiday in his life with happy moments and privacy because side walls are mostly *sound proofed. The forward-facing of this semi-permanent ultra-luxury resort tent is made in uPVC with clear glass. This special feature makes this tent something special because your guests will be seeing clear view of nature, sea or hill beauty from in the inside of this luxury tent “The Villa Tent”.

The Washroom and dressing aria(14x6Feet) are big space for the tourists. You can put glass cabinet shower in the bathroom. Ladies first choice a dressing room also provided in this tent. The side walls height of this tent is 2mts but magically when you will be entering in this tent you find 3mts side walls from inside.

The veranda (Porch) aria (14x8feet} of this tent is also big space. This space use as evening party, mitting, dinner, massage or enjoy direct sun bath. The two step stairs also helpful to move upwards on the platform for honorable old persons. We are provided YouTube link below for movie of this luxury tents for our buyers and they get full details of our “The Villa Tent” for his luxury resort tented project.

These are just the rooms and inside features of the “The Villa Tent” luxury loveliness. Other than this, when talking about technical terms, the roof has three layers to keep it fully protected.

  • Shade Fly: This helps in protecting any water from entering inside your tent.
  • Rain Fly: Another useful layer that increases the protection and saves the innermost fabric from getting any water or moisture on it.
  • Luxury Polyester Fabric: Keeps the container cool as well as adds immense beauty to the insides of the tent. It is a cotton fabric that maintains the temperature of the tent.

This incredible tent has wooden flooring made of real pine wood. It is great for huge resorts, hotels, hilltop celebrations through a firm and much more. The back wall has wooden puff panel, and the front walls are made of UPVC with toughened glass.

Get an out of the world luxury experience living in a tent and have a grand time with the White Ocean experience. The extra porch area with the tough interiors and exteriors along with outstanding amenities make it worth staying in.


Name Feets Meters
Overall Size 24ft x 18 ft(432ft2)14ft x 5ft(70ft2)Total(502ft2) 7.31m x 5.48 ft(40.05m2)4.26mx1.52m(6.47m2)4.26m x 1.52m (6.47m2)Total 46.52m2)
Carpet Area 28ft x 14ft (392ft2) 8.53m x 4.26 ft (36.33m2)
Side Height 7 ft 2 inch 2.20m
Apex 18 ft 5.48 m
Bed Room Size 14 ft x 14ft(196ft2) 4.26m x 4.26m ( 18.14m2)
Bath and Dressing Room Size 14 ft x 6ft (84ft2) 4.26m x 1.82m (7.75m2)
Verandah (Porch) Aria 14 ft x 8ft (112ft2) 4.26 m x 2.43 m (10.35m2)