Safari Villa

The Safari Villa is the most beautiful, magnificent and elite tent ever designed in the entire world. It is most luxurious, lavish and oozes panache in every way! This is a masterpiece of tents and perfect for your amazing hotel or resort. It can be set on beaches, hillsides, etc. Without any legal hindrance as it bears the approval of the Forest Department because our tents does not required any concrete construction on site.

An ideal idea for our valuable buyers!

As the season will change there will always be something new. So keeping all these things in mind our team creates a new idea why not provided swimming pool along with the tented resorts. Lush and infinity swimming pool is very important for any hotel as well tented resorts. So with the help of best professional technique we create a swimming pool in right angle. It will helps you to enjoy a lot of fun with your children.

This brilliant beauty is in two-pointed tent and features wooden panel at the back and side whereas the front walls are made with transparent PVC fabric. It enables your guests to enjoy serene nature and the rainfall during the monsoons. The wind flaps keep the rain away and prevent any harsh wind from coming inside the tent. Plus, we have a special ‘curtain’ feature, which is made for complete privacy. This tent will give your guests a one kind of memorable experience.

We aren’t done yet; the tent also features wooden door with traditional fish shaped lock, which adds to the beauty, semi-permanent lighting and wooden deck to rejoice during the evenings.

You need not construct any base for its erection. You can place this on any leveled land, thus no worries of carbon footprints.

The roof of this tent is made of four special layers, let’s deconstruct each layer: –

  • Shade fly– The 1stlayer is the shade fly, which is off-white in colour and is ultra volt. It is made 90% with 350 gsm HDPC material and works as a sound reducing agent during rain or heavy wind. It also keeps the direct sunlight away from the tent, and also, works wonderfully for the exteriors.
  • Rain fly– As the name suggests, this is to protect the tent from water and also the sun’s heat. It is made with 600 GSM PVC coated fabric on both sides and is a guard for the tent. The layer is set between the tent body and shade fly to keep water and moisture away.
  • Polyester canvas– This polyester canvas is made with 450 GSM. The layers are added to protect the inner cotton fabric, and also, provide additional support. This is placed between the rain fly and last cotton layer.
  • 4Cotton lining– The fourth and the innermost layer in the tent is the 100% cotton 200 GSM lining. It is detachable and can be washed easily. You can also fix it back without any hassles!

Features of side walls

Mainly the side walls of this tent is in back with real wooden panels and clear PVC fabric used in front side so that you can enjoy the rainy season from close wind flaps.

The tent has five windows and specially mosquito net attached with clear PVC fabric wind flapped. After that now we comes to the curtains specially rajasthani with unique wooden hand block printed curtains with full length according to resorts provides to you in this tent for your privacy as well making your room colorful.

A beautiful door with two parts specially attached with two faces of lion with a well creative fish lock that provides a perfect look to your resorts within the front side.

Along with all this, you will be stunned to see the gorgeous interiors and the feeling of staying in such an elite tent.

Don't believe us! Want to experience the lavishness of this incredible luxury tent yourselves! Just visit our expansive premises where this ultimate beauty is erected only for you!

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Name Feet &Inches Meter
Overall Size 29ft 0 inch x 19ft 9 inch (577.1 ft2) 8.85m x 6.04m (53.45m²)
Carpet Area 17ft x15ft 3inch (260.1 ft2) 5.20m x 4.65m (24.18m²)
  11ft 3inch x11ft 9inch (134.41 ft2) 3.45m x 3.60m (12.42m²)
  9ft 10 inch x7ft 10inch (64.61 ft2) 3.00m x 2.40 m (7.20m²)
Bed Room 17ft x15ft 3inch (260.1 ft2) 5.20m x 4.65m (24.18m²)
Bath Room & Dressing Room 11ft 3inch x11ft 9inch (134.41 ft2) 3.45m x 3.60m (12.42m²)
Front Decking 9ft 10 inch x7ft 10inch (64.61 ft2) 3.00m x2.40m (7.20m²)
Side Height 7ft 2inch 2.20mts
Center Height 15ft 7inch 4.75mts
Deck Height 1ft 6inch 0.48mts