Luxury Sunshade

We have built this garden tent for the first time not only in India but also in the world. It Luxury Sun shade specialty is that it stands on a single pole. Which adds beauty to their beauty. Mostly garden tents have four legs sport the tent So, it is not looking good. So, our team has removed these four legs. This feature makes this tent more friendly and beautiful. We get the entire space in which we can put one table and four chairs without any hindrance. Its roof which we have built in a pyramid form further enhances its beauty.

The Luxury Sunshade provide you royal filling when you and your friends are sitting under this luxury tent. We have taken the roof cloth of this tent of 415 GSM 90% shade which has fireproof and rot proofed property. The life of this luxury sunshade is more than 3 years according to use.

We have taken the roof cloth of this tent of 415 GSM 90% shade net. While fire proof and road proof come along. This tent is available with us in two colors 1st white and 2nd in beige.

We can also put this Luxury Sunshade in your car parking aria. This tent is available in two sizes 10 x 10 feet and 12x12 feet. This tent is a good example for the Gardens, Hotels, cafes, car parking area, restaurant and resort.