Washroom Tent

Do you often host parties and big events in the garden space of your hotel or resort? Hosting an event in an open area field or garden is not easy as there is always a need for a washroom. Finding a comfortable and stylish washroom that is flexible for guests can be a challenge for everyone.

Our washroom tent is a pyramid-shaped tent, which is made with wooden floors and it fulfills all the necessary washroom requirements. The best thing is that it has a special steel glass door with a lock. You can get the washroom tent with or without the wooden platform according to your priority.

Another beneficial feature about this tent is, it is made with four layers. Yes, you read right! The outer layer is a shade fly, the second one is PVC, which keeps the rain away, and the third is a polyester canvas layer to hold the tent in the right position; and the last one is in a pure cotton layer. The layers of this tent show how much we contain high-quality and top-variety. Even though this is just a washroom, we have made sure it is not less than any other tent.

This gorgeous tent has heavy-duty anchors that keep it safe from the berserk wind and heavy rain too. You can use this tent for the guard room, changing room, washroom, toilet and much more in your hotel, beach resorts or garden spaces. It is extremely useful during mega events where you require washrooms for several activities.

The pictures do not justify how immensely fantastic this washroom tent is. It is one of the favorites of our clients as it is useful as well as one of the most attractive washrooms in a tent form!.


Name Inches Meter
Overall Size 10 ft 5 inch x 10 ft 5 inch (110.25 ft2) 3.17 m x 3.17 m (10.04 m2)
Tent Body Area 8 ft x 8 ft (64 ft2) 2.43 m x 2.43 m (5.90 m2)
Side Height 6 ft 6inch 1.98 m
Wooden Floor Area 19 ft 10 Inch x 9 ft 10 Inch (82.81 ft2) 2.99 m x 2.99m (8.94 m2)
Door 2 ft 7 Inch x 6 ft 6 Inch (17.82 ft2) 0.78 m x 1.98 m (1.54 m2)
Apex 11 ft 3.35 m