Royal Camping Tent

Do you want a tent that is lavish, dreamiest creative and works in wonders way for almost every celebration or setting? Whether you have a small or big resort and hotel, the Royal Tent fits in every space for all celebrations.

This is a mid-sized hut shaped tent that is made with three special layers. The outermost portion is PVC coated; the second layer is polyester canvas; and the third innermost layer is pure cotton. If it gets a little dirty, there is no need to worry; it is simply to manage. The lining is easy to remove, wash and put it back. All these layers protect the tent and keep them away from dirt or any water from entering inside. A permanent door is also provide in this tent so that your guest will be feel free and secure in this tent.

Other than this, the tent features heavy-duty anchors that keep the wind away, and they take little space on the sides. If you want to have a function in the garden area in your resort, than you should get this tent as it can be great for several uses. It has a Velcro lining, which can be detached and attached easily.

There is a room in the tent, which makes it even more delightful for events. Guests can stay or spend some time inside the tent if they want to or indulge in several activities within the tent.

The Royal Tent gives quite modern from the inside. The tent has a lot of space inside to place the desired furnishing. This tent will work great for hilltop hotels as it is similar to a camping tent but much bigger and comfortable. The entire tent has white curtains inside which give it a neater appearance and keep the heat away.

The pictures do not justify as to how incredible this Royal Tent is. It is spacious, fantastic and extremely useful for several situations.

This tent is an ideal for tented resorts, hotels, beaches, deserts and gardens, farm houses, wedding, party and fashion shows.


Name Inches Meter
Overall Size 13 ft 6 inch x 24 ft (326.4 ft2) 4.11 m x 7.31 m (30.04 m2)
Carpet Area 12 ft x 24 ft (288 ft2) 23.65 m x 7.31 m (26.68 m2)
Side Height 6 ft 7inch 2.01m
Apex 12 ft 3.65 m
Room Size 12 ft x 12 ft (144 ft2) 3.65 m x 3.65 m (13.32 m2)
Washroom 12 ft x 6 ft ( 72 ft2) 3.65 m x 1.82 m (6.64 m2)
Porch 12 ft x 6 ft ( 72 ft2) 3.65 m x 1.82 m (6.64 m2)