Ultra Luxury Resort Tent

Ultra Luxury Resort Tent Manufacturer and Exporter in India

These are the best glamping tents to connect with natural beauty and intimate spaces when in the wild.

If you want to make your tented resort more eco-friendly and alluring for your customers then you need to put up in your resort our ultra-luxury resort tents because these tents leave no carbon footprints and any loss to our mother earth. These tents are made of high-quality materials imported from different parts of the world. They are 100% waterproofed and flame reluctant too.

Here are some of our ultra-Luxury resort tents:

  • The Ganesha This is a single pointed luxury pyramid tent, which encompasses a front deck with seating arrangements, it has been designed with love and has a bedroom and bathroom region too. It looks like a mini hotel luxury room in the shape of a tent. This is ideal for luxury camping, camp lodges, glamping, mobile tented resorts, farmhouse tents, and many more.
  • The Himalaya Tent  This ultra luxury resort tent is ideal for resorts, hotels, camping, and glamping standpoints. This tent has two points with waterproof and fire resistant properties. 
  • The Raj Villa  The Raj Villa Tent has a double roof in a single pointed pyramid. This tent roof has four different fabric layers with flame retardant according British standard (Top layer in heavy duty shade fly treated with Ultraviolet in 350GSM, 2nd layer in PVC rain fly in 620 GSM. 3rd layer in Polyester ripstop canvas for tent body in 410 to 450 GSM & 4th in polyester fabric for inner linings in 200 GSM.
  • The Villa Tent  Our ultra luxury semi-permanent resort tent “The Villa Tent’’ is single pointed, alluring and indeed a symbol of relaxation. The tent roof is made in three layers of this tent to lessen the sound in rainy weather. This luxury resort tent comes with two options: without wooden platform or with wooden platform. The side walls have 50mm insulated panels and the inside is furnished with flame reluctant* luxury white carving. These traits give extra brilliance and embellish feeling in this luxury tent.
  • The Platinum Tent  This luxury tent is the first in the world with less carving design on insulated puf panels from the inside of this luxurious resort tent “The Platinum ''. It is ideal for tented resorts and luxury camping sites. 
  • The Surya Villa Tent  The name of this ultra-luxury resort tent “The Surya Villa” indicates that this luxury tent is a very beautiful and ultra-luxurious resort tent. The Surya Villa resort tent has a pyramid one pointed tent and a double story without any central sport makes this tent unique from other resort tents. You have no need for concrete construction for the base because it is put up directly on the surface of the plain earth. With the help of 50x100x15mm steel C-purine our tent platform will be set up with any special tool on the base.
  • The Luxury Sunshade  The Luxury Sunshade Tent will stun you with providing you a royal feeling just when you enter it and believe us your special ones will fall in love with this royale tent.
  • Golden Beach Resort Tent This luxurious tent has a single pyramid but the roof has a double story. It means when you see this tent from outside then you feel it is a single-pointed tent but once you enter this tent then you will be surprised to see that this tent has two roofs. Isn’t it exciting!!!!!
  • The Taj This tent have come with two pointed. The roof of this tent in four layers.