The Canvas Exotica

The Canvas Exotica beautiful resort tent comes with three-pointed pyramid, resembles hills. This resort tent is more spacious i.e., one ultra luxury bedroom 16x16feet(256sqft) and all 4 walls of this tent is covers with fabric, one Washroom 12x12feet (144 SFT) and one more special porch 12x12feet (144SFT) with luxury shade net curtains matching with tent roof.

The Canvas Exotica resort tent roof is made of four layers.

• 1st layer is made in 90% shade net in golden grey colour which treat ultra violet and flame retardant (It’s work is to protect tent from rain sounds and heat of sun light).

•2nd layer in 650GSM PVC rain fly (it’s work is to protect tent from 100% rain water and heavy winds).

•3rd layer in 450gsm polyester canvas (it’s work is to stop air flow from outside to inside and insulated between PVC and inner lining).

• 4th inner lining in 200gsm to provide luxury look from inside the tent.

The side walls are almost made in canvas but Room back side, one wall is made in 50mm puff panels. The reason behind this is you will hang a split air conditioner on it and many more accessories. All tent windows are made in canvas with winds flaps. The winds flaps are closed with the help of No 10 YKK black zips. All windows and doors are cover with curtain for privacy purpose.

The tent main door comes in UPVC and clear 5mm glass with sliding door. This feature is provided for more safety to this resort tent to feel safer and more comfortable throughout the day. You can lock it from inside to avoid any kind of disturbance (wild animals or insects etc.).


Name Feets Meters
Overall Size   78.08m2
Carpet Area 544 ft2 50.59m2
Side Height 7.2 ft  2.20m
Apex 14.5 ft 4.40 m
Bed Room Size 16 ft x 16 ft (256ft2) 4.88m x 4.88m ( 23.81m2)
Bath and Dressing Room Size 12 ft x 12 ft (144ft2) 3.66m x 3.66m (13.39m2)
Verandah (Porch) Aria 12 ft x 12 ft (144ft2) 3.66m x 3.66m (13.39m2)