Golden Beach Resort Tent

This tent has single pyramid but the roof has double story means when see this tent from outside then you feel it is single pointed tent but when you enter this tent then you feel this tent has two roofs. The roof of this tent is made in four layers (Shade fly, PVC fly, Politer ripstop canvas and inner linings). The fabric part of this tent has flame retardant property and PVC and canvas is 100% waterproofed and water replant. This tent is made on the base of Vaastu shastra like holy place. They have single pointed and when we shall be sitting under single pyramid then we shall be feeling calmly and pleasure just like any divine place.

The side walls are made in 50mm insulated panels. These panels providing safety and strongness to this tent. All type of air-conditions or room oil heater are working properly is this tent. Due to insulated panels tents side walls has preserve room temperature in all weathers in very short time. This feature is achieved for save electricity. This tent has come two options for inner furnishing for walls. 1st is wooden furnishing panels and 2nd is any digitally design carving panels. The front of this tent is made in uPVC with clear glass so the traveller will be enjoying natural beauty in morning on the bad.

This tent has a big luxury room (15x20 feet) give a luxury feeling to the guest. It is single double bed room but you are free to put-up two buddle bed according to your time requirements. One dressing room 5x5 feet provided in this tent. One-bathroom 15 x 5 feet aria also provided in this tent for shower, toilet and washbasin. One open porch 20x10ft with one canopy also provided with this tent. On this porch your guests are enjoy yoga in the morning and enjoy hard drink under open sky with stars and moon in the evening.

For more look at the interiors of Ultra-Luxury Golden Beach Resort Tent on Youtube please Click here


Name Feet & Inches Meter
Overall Size 31 ft  x 23 ft  (713 ft2) 9.44 m x 7.01 m (67.02 m2)
Carpet Area 30 x 20 (600 ft2) 9.14 m x 6.09 m (55.66 m2)
Side Height 7 ft 2 inch 2.20 m2
Apex 15 ft 9 inch 4.80 m2
Room Size 15 ft x 20 ft (300 ft2) 4.57 m x 6.09m (27.83 m2)
Washroom 15 ft x 5 ft ( 75 ft2) 4.57 m x 1.52 m (6.94 m2)
Dressing Room 5 ft x 5 ft ( 25 ft2) 1.52 m x 1.52 m (2.31 m2)
Deck Aria 20 ft x 9ft 10inch ( 180 ft2) 6.09m x 2.99 m (18.20 m2)
Deck Height 1 ft x 6inch 0.45m