Mud land Resort Tent

The Mud-land Resort Tent is made in 100% polyester sand colour waterproofed canvas. It is semi permeant structure. It is ideal for tented resorts, camping beach side or hill side camping and hotels. The tent is 14feet by 28feet, and the platform height of this tent is about 1.6 feet. It is absolutely perfect for any special occasions or resorts that have gala events. This two-pointed tent has two pyramids on top, which make it look outstanding and best.

More Features of the “Mud-land Resort Tent” tent: -

The magnificence of the “Mud-land Resort Tent” tent is factored in its various features that are endowed to create a feel of royals. The spacing, the interiors, everything adds up to complete the ensemble, which is no less than a glam-up hotel. Some of the exotic features of this luxurious tent are enunciated below.

1. This tent has one living room, one bedroom and one washroom.

2. Regularly the tent features a living room which can be adorned with a sofa set, television set, coffee table and chairs

3. The washroom which is again massive, you have a glass cabin for the shower, toilet sheet area, and a wash basin.

These are just the rooms and inside amenities of the Mud-Land luxury beauty. Other than this, when talking about technical terms, the roof has four layers to keep it completely protected.

1st Layer Shade Fly: It has UV and this helps in protecting any water and sun light from entering your tent.

2nd Rain Fly PVC: Another useful layer in sand colour that increases the protection and saves the innermost fabric from getting any water or moisture on it. This layer makes this tent 100% waterproofed.

3rd Polyester Rib stop Canvas: A widely and popularly used fabric that keeps the tent holding up and adds another layer of safety.

4th Inner Polyester lining Fabric: Keeps the container cool as well as adds immense beauty to the insides of the tent. It is a 100% polyester.

This incredible tent has wooden flooring made of real Russian pine wood. It is countless for resorts, hotels, hilltop celebrations through a company and much more. Get an out of the world luxury experience living in a tent and have a grand time with the “Mud-land Resort Tent” experience. The exteriors along with outstanding amenities make it worth staying in.

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Name Inches Meter
Carpet Area 14ft x 28 ft ( 392ft2) 4.26 m x 8.53 m ( 36.33m2)
Side Height 6 ft 6 inch 2.00m
Apex 16 ft 4 inch 5 m
Living Room 1 Size 14ft x 14 ft (196ft2) 4.26m x 4.26m (18.14 m2)
Bed Room Size 14 ft 5inch x 7 ft (98ft2) 4.26m x 2.33m ( 9.92m2)
washroom Room 14 ft 5inch x 7 ft (98ft2) 4.26m x 2.33m ( 9.92m2))