Safari Resort

We dont love a sweet and simple tent? Our Safari Resort Tent will perfectly fit in smaller garden areas, hilltop resorts and hotels. If you want to attract your guests or present a marvelous masterpiece in front of amongst, this is the right way to do it. The Safari Resort Tent is ideal for several locations, and since it isn’t too huge in size, it can be set in compact spaces too. If you have a hotel or resort near the hilly areas, this tent will be a great addition to your rooms. People who are planning to camping or having an event to stay in tents, it is a best choice for those peoples.

This is not any typical Safari Tent; it is the most luxurious one you will ever find. We have made sure to keep it simple yet sophisticated. It is elegant, charming and a delightful to stay in. The tent is in hut-shaped  and is made with three layers. The outermost layer is a PVC fabric that keeps the tent protected from all the dust and dirt, the next layer is a canvas one, which is used in making tents generally, and the last one is a pure cotton layer. The tent comes with heavy duty anchors to protect it from the rough weather.

It might assure that a tent can have so many facilities inside but that’s what sets our Safari Resort Tent apart from the others. There is a room, washroom, a cute porch and some of the finest furnishing! We know that it is not usual that guests will stay in tents which are why we have designed our tents in a unique way. The tent features good lighting and comfortable amenities. You will not want to step outside as the tent is incredibly comfy.

Breathtaking, Simple and Royal are everything the Safari Resort Tent is about!


Name Inches Meter
Overall Size 13 ft 6 inch x 24 ft (326.4 ft2) 4.11 m x 7.31 m (30.04 m2)
Carpet Area 12 ft x 24 ft (288 ft2) 23.65 m x 7.31 m (26.68 m2)
Side Height 6 ft 10 inch 2.01m
Apex 12 ft 3.65 m
Room Size 12 ft x 12 ft (144 ft2) 3.65 m x 3.65 m (13.32 m2)
Washroom 12 ft x 6 ft ( 72 ft2) 3.65 m x 1.82 m (6.64 m2)
Porch 12 ft x 6 ft ( 72 ft2) 3.65 m x 1.82 m (6.64 m2)