Luxury Gazebo Tent

The Gazebo is the most beautiful, magnificent and elite tent ever designed in the single pointed. It is most luxurious, lavish and oozes panache in every way! This is a masterpiece of tents and perfect for your amazing hotel or resort. It can be set on beaches, party, marriages, resorts etc.

This tent is also called cupola tent, octangle tent, party tents and it is come in 4mts ,5mts and 6mts dia. As the season will change there will always be something new. So, keeping all these things in mind our team creates a new idea why not provided this tent for lone luxury party.

This brilliant beauty is in single pointed tent and features wooden finials on the top of every pole.  At the back-side walls are made with ripstop canvas white fabric. It enables your guests to enjoy serene nature and the rainfall during the monsoons. This tent will give your guests a one kind of memorable experience.

These tents come very beautiful polyester glossing curtains. These curtains make this tent most gorgeous. Our red carpet makes it Hollywood style.

You need not construct any base for its erection. You can place this on any plain surface of the land, thus no worries of carbon footprints.

The roof of this tent is made of two special layers, let’s deconstruct each layer:

  • Polyester canvas – The top roof in made in 100% ripstop white canvas in 450GSM. We are also providing flame retardant canvas to our valuable buyer’s demand. It also keeps the direct sunlight away from the tent, and also, works ideally for the exteriors.
  • Polyester fabric for inner lining–the innermost layer in the tent is the 100% polyester 125GSM lining. It is detachable and can be washed easily. A special extra valance with beautiful laces is also come with this luxury tent. This valance increases beauty of this tent.  You can also fix it back without any irritations!
  • Side Walls–  Three side walls are provided with this beautiful tent and made in 450GSM polyester ripstop canvas with polyester inner lining. Pole cavers also come with this tent

For more look at the interiors of our Luxury Gazebo tent on youtube please Click here 


Name Inches Meter
Overall Size 13 ft 2 inch 4mts Dia
Carpet Area 121.78 ft2 11.31 m2
Center Height 11 ft 5 inch 3.50 mts
Side Height 7ft 2inch 2.20 mts