Traveling Tent

If you harbor a love for Mother Nature and a thirst for adventure, then camping is something that you should definitely try out. Go out for a short trek and then take a break with camping in the woods. People also go for trek up various mountainous terrains and then camp in the valleys or clearings.

Tent body is in black with mosquito net and outer fly is in military jangle print. This tent is very good idea for traveling due to light weight. You are able to carry with this tent in your car during in the holidays camping. Two or three peoples are easily slept in this tent. This tent come with three zippers with both sides locked and protects mosquito and winds. This tent comes with a carrying bag with two central poles in two sections.

Here, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you come to buying tents for camping:

  • The first and the most important thing that you should keep in mind about the tent that you are buying is whether it can accommodate the number of people you have in mind to go camping with. If you want you can go for one large tent, if you are camping with your family or you can buy two small ones. The tent size is of the out most importance and hence you should definitely have this factor in mind.
  • You will find various tents for sale However; you have to remember the weather in which you will be going camping. For example, if you will be going during the summers or during the winters, then your tent type will vary and the material with which the tent is made will also be different. There is a big time debate as to whether you should go for nylon or canvas tents. Nylon tents seem to be the better fit since they are waterproof but due to the harsh sun rays, they seem to deteriorate rather quickly, so they have a short life span. It is best to go for tents that last in every weather. Even if you are camping in a really pleasant weather a sudden storm might creep in and hence your tent should be able to withstand that.
  • Another very important factor that people often forget to take into consideration is the weight of the tent. You have to make sure that the tent is not too heavy or bulky since then you will find it very difficult to carry while hiking. If you will be hiking for the most part of your camping trip, then light weight tents are always a better hit.
  • Thanks to the various online stores, you can now also buy tents wholesale. If you are heading out in a bunch or group, this whole sale purchase will come in handy. But when buying, make sure that these tents are easy to fix up. If you have to scramble and struggle with the equipment of setting up the tent, then it will really take away all the charm of camping!
  • Ventilation is very important in case of tents. First timers might be surprised to wake up in the morning and find everything damp. Make sure there are ventilation outlets with the rain fly of the tent.

All these requirements are fulfilled by our travelling tent


Name Inches Meter
Length 7 ft 4 Inch 2.23 m
Width 7 ft 10 Inch 2.38 m
Height 6 ft 10 Inch 2.08 m