The Himalaya

The Himalaya Tent is best ideal for resorts, hotels, camping and glamping sides. The Himalaya tent is latest Version of traditional resort tent and wooden cottage. This tent has completely property waterproof and flameproof. The roof is in four different layers and side walls are in 50mm insulated panels. The wooden panels also come with this tent for increase the interiors beauty. The front of this tent is made in uPVC with clear glass.

The Himalaya resort tent has come in two different pyramids. The roof of this tent is in four layers. Top layers 350gsm shade net, 2nd 650gsm PVC, 3rd 450GSM polyester canvas and 4th 200 GSM polyester inner linings. These all four fabric layers have flame retardant property. Means these fabrics are flame retardant.

The side walls of this tent are made in 50 mm insulated panels. The side walls cover from inside with wooden panels. These wooden panels are making this tent more beautiful. Because the walls of this tent are in the insulated panels so it maintains the temperature of the tent. These panels are very strong due to which no wild animal can come inside the tent, so this tent is safe for the tourists.

The front portion of this tent is made in White uPVC with clear glass. This tent has sliding door in front, so you can use the full place of veranda and room completely. The uPVC is also having flame retardant property. The shape of door handles is made in traditional dancing lady in brass metal.

This tent is come with beautiful porch (Veranda). This porch is covered with 100% water proofed three layers roof. The four curtains also come with this tent for increasing beauty of porch. In the veranda you can enjoy morning tea, meditation, exercise and in the night, you will be enjoyed hard or soft drink with your partner.


Name Feets Meters
Overall Size 31ft x 18 ft(558ft2)  9.44m x 5.48 ft(51.73m2)    
Carpet Area 28ft x 14ft (392ft2) 8.53m x 4.26 ft (36.33m2)
Side Height 7 ft 2 inch 2.20m
Center Hight  16ft 5.33m
Bed Room Size 14 ft x 14ft(196ft2) 4.26m x 4.26m ( 18.14m2)
Bath and Dressing Room Size 14 ft x 7ft (98ft2) 4.26m x 2.13m (9.07m2)
Veranda(Porch) Aria 14 ft x 7ft (98ft2) 4.26 m x 2.13 m (9.07m2)