Meditation Resort Tent

Meditation Resort Tent

This beautiful tent is made in single pointed pyramid shape according to conditions of the science of meditation. Our all religious tamales, gurdwara or church etc. are made in single pointed. According to meditation science single pointed room is provide more positive emerges. The pyramid power is supernatural or paranormal properties of the ancient world pyramids and objects of similar shape. This power, is said to preserve foods, improve health function, trigger sexual urges and cause other dramatic effects. These days this luxury resort tent is more popular in resorts, hotels and camping site.

The tent roof is made in four different layers according to safety norms. Top 1st layer is 415GSM (92% shade) shade fly, 2nd PVC in 650GSM (100% water reproof), 3rd in 425GSM polyester canvas (water replant) and 4th for inner lining in 200GSM. All four fabric are available in flame retardant property according to international flame-retardant nomos. All fabric has long life up to +4 to 12 years* according to weather conditions. May be after 4 yaers will replace top shade net.

The side walls in 50mm insulated panels. We are providing WPC sheet in lather; wooden or digital carving look for make more beautiful from inside. The insulated panels from the outside look very commercial so we turn it ultra luxury look with the help of shade net fabric. Means, we had all insulated panels caver with shade net from all side. So, this feature makes this tent more attractive, safe and increase tent life. The forward-facing of this tent is made in uPVC windows and sliding door with clear glass. The beautiful curtains are also come with this tent for privacy and gorgeous appearance.

This tent is come with porch caver with water proofed roof in three layers. The side walls of this porch caver with three side mosquito net with zip system openable door. The front two legs are come in real wood give this tent fantasy and attractive appearance.


Name Feets Meters
Overall Size 24ft x 18 ft(432ft2)14ft x 5ft(70ft2)Total(502ft2) 7.31m x 5.48 ft(40.05m2)4.26mx1.52m(6.47m2)4.26m x 1.52m (6.47m2)Total 46.52m2)
Carpet Area 28ft x 14ft (392ft2) 8.53m x 4.26 ft (36.33m2)
Side Height 7 ft 2 inch 2.20m
Apex 16 ft 5.48 m
Bed Room Size 14 ft x 14ft(196ft2) 4.26m x 4.26m ( 18.14m2)
Bath and Dressing Room Size 14 ft x 6ft (84ft2) 4.26m x 1.82m (7.75m2)
Verandah (Porch) Aria 14 ft x 8ft (112ft2) 4.26 m x 2.43 m (10.35m2)