Kanha Treasure Resort ProJet

Today our team put up their beautiful luxury tents at Kanha National Park. The resort name is ‘’Kanha Treasure Resort” The owner of the resort Mr. Shailesh Savaria first visited our factory in Ambala City and when he was satisfied with our work, he ordered us luxury tents for his resort.

Mr.Shailesh Savaria is now fully satisfied and appreciate our luxury resort tent The Villa Tent for his resort. This tent is made fully waterproofed and flame retardant materials. The roof is made in four layers, side walls are made in 50mm insulated panels with wooden furnishings and front made in uPVC with clear glass.These beautyfull and luxury resort tent is best example for resorts , hotels and camping side

The side walls of these tents are made in 50mm solid and strong insulated panels, due to which it fully protects the guest from wild animals and bad weather.So, our tents are fully safe in forest aria and any climte situvations.