Mughal E Taj

Bask in the Royal Luxury of Mughal-E-Taj!

The checkboxes for ‘privacy’ and ‘exclusively royal’ are all rightfully ticked with the unparalleled splendid services of these regal tents tucked up as a royal corner of your resort. Mughal-E-Taj is meant to bring alive the royal luxuries of palaces in any backdrop. Yes, not always it has to be a palace hotel for setting up a royal ambiance, the grandeur of these tents sprinkles the royal quotient on your resort, excluding the footprints of concrete construction.

The idea of tenting is absolutely redefined with the luxuries of Mughal-E-Taj. Its interiors are designed keeping in mind the best of royal experience for the guests. Right from the wooden flooring, to the royal furnishings of the bedroom, dressing room, shower cabin, luxury washroom - each corner of these tents seems to be a page of a palatial backdrop. It is 100% waterproof, and you can consider any type of air-conditioning for this tent. 

Being our newest endeavor in the zone of royal luxury, Mughal-E-Taj is a semi-permanent feature for your dream resort having all the modern amenities wrapped in a regal essence. It comes with an easy set-up system, equipped with hidden iron anchors and heavy-duty square steel tubes so as to make way for a free stand on the ground.

This phenomenal luxury tent comes in two options - one without the wooden platform while the other with the wooden platform. We provide steel C-Purlins50x100mm beams base and 23mm Russian seasonal pine wood for this classic flooring. The one and a half feet deck along with the 300 square feet front porch only add to the elegance of wooden flooring. The sliding wooden door along with the lock system paves your privacy even more.

This tent provides you a special feature of changing coolers (Red, Green. Blue and White) of top inner lining with the help of wooden sand lair LED. This feature would be available on costumer request. For the first time in the tented resort industries we are providing two cabin one for washroom and another is for shower. The purpose for making these type of cabins is to save time for the morning needs.

The royal canopy of Mughal-E-Taj is fitted with four layers running evenly from the eaves to the peak, so as to match up to the high-end luxurious look of the interiors without compromising on the safety tips.

Top Layer is made off white 90% shade fly 340GSM is  made of mono x tape 100% Polyethylene thread with specialized UV treatment and flammability test method UL-94-2013. This layer make tent luxury look , sound of rains break up to 80% and helps to maintain the coolness of inner tent body.

Second layer  is in off white PVC 640GSM rain fly. This layer make to tent 100% waterproofed. It is flame retardant and passed flame retardant test BS.

Third Layer is made in 100% Polyester off white Rib stop Canvas 410GSM fly. This fabric is also flame retardant according BS7837 

Finally fourth layer is made in polyester fabric in 200GSM.  This layer gives the luxuries look to this resort tent. This fabric is have flame retardant according BS 5867-2, type “C”

Also, specially designed side walls Polyester ribs tope canvas with mosquito net with wind flaps and wooden panels are provided for these luxury tents, on request. Opting for the special side walls increases the tent strength, catering to maintain tent temperature in the forest, beaches, coastal and hilly areas.

You can visit and inspect this luxury tent- Mughal-E-Taj, displayed inside our premises. 

For more look at the interiors of Mughal-E-Taj on full screen please  Click here


Name Feet & Inches Meter
Overall Size 29ft 6 inch x 23ft 9 inch (707.44 ft2) 9m x 7.23m (65.07m²)
Carpet Area 29ft 6 inch x 20ft  (592 ft2) 9m x 6.09m (54.81m²)
Room Area 15ft x20ft  (300 ft2) 4.57m x 6.09m (27.83m²)
Bathroom Area 5ft  x 5ft (25.ft2) 1.52m x 1.52m (2.10m²)
Sawer Room             5ft  x 5ft (25.ft2) 1.52m x 1.52m (2.10m²)
Front Decking 20ft x 9ft 10inch (182 ft2) 6.09m x3m (18.27m²)
Side Height 7ft 2inch 2.20mts
Apex 15ft 7inch 4.75mts
Deck Height 1ft 6inch 0.48mts