The Taj

Want peace from hectic life??

Then what are you waiting for, go & check "The Taj"

It is perfect for any occasion. It includes one bedroom with dressing room & washroom with a porch with mosquito net so it will not make any kind of disturbance & you can enjoy the out view (nature). Its roof is made up of four layers & real wood poles make it's more luxurious.

Quality check: - Storm proof, water proof and flame retardant.

Special feature of it is that you can fold canvas wall between bedroom & porch.

Hence, the space area will become more and you can also see amazing out view from the bedroom,& you can also lay the kid bed in porch so that you can spend quality of time with nature as we all know we can't survive without nature & it's improve mental as well as physical health also. One can enjoy a peaceful & cozy life while living in it with all these qualities that will blow your mind. .

We know how valuable is our costumers So, you can quality check setup for "The Taj" in our 'The Vedanta International plant.

The Taj Ultra-luxury resort tent has two pointed. The tent roof of Taj tent in four layers. Top layer is in 450GSM shade net (90% shade), 2nd layer in 650GSM PVC (100% waterproofed), 3rd layers in 425GSM canvas (100% waterproofed) and 4th polyester in 200GSM inner lining. The side walls are made in mostly made in canvas. The front of this tent made in uPVC with sliding door and 5mm tanginess glass. All porch is caver with mosquito net of this tent. Room back side walls is made in canvas and real wood.

The room size of this Raj tent is 14x14feet, Powder with dressing room is 14x7feet and porch size 14x7feet also caver with mosquito net. We provided a special feature in this tent that you will be remove canvas wall between bedroom and porch. So, you will feel most luxurious.


Name Feets Meters
Overall Size 23ft x 34 ft(782ft2)  7.01m x 10.36 (72.62m2)    
Carpet Area 14ft x 28ft (392ft2) 8.53m x 4.26 (36.33m2)
Side Height 7 ft 2 inch 2.20m
Center Hight  16ft 5.33m
Bed Room Size 14 ft x 14ft(196ft2) 4.26m x 4.26m ( 18.14m2)
Powder and Dressing Room  14 ft x 7ft (98ft2) 4.26m x 2.13m (9.07m2)
Veranda(Porch) Aria 14 ft x 7ft (98ft2) 4.26 m x 2.13 m (9.07m2)