Luxury Resort Tent

Experience The Wilderness In A Luxurious Lavish Resort Tent!

Luxury resort tents could be a much better option than ordinary hotel rooms, if you are feeling like wandering away from the concrete jungle. Deciding to spend time in a luxury resort tent is a great choice as it is an ideal way of living near nature, that too, in a very luxurious and convenient way!

Resort tents have afforded shelter and respite in the history of most cultures around the world, since ancient times. Whilst civilizations have become inactive with nomadic lifestyles compared to the past (or the hotel room), the tent has however found a new lease of life as the appeal of a powerful, more vital link with nature.

If you always wanted to live in the Eco- luxurious resort tent that is going to be more utopian, peaceful, and well-furnished!

Well your wait is over!!! We The Villa Tent are well-known and exclusive manufacturers of luxurious tents that are designed to fulfill all your excursion requirements.

So, if you have ever Dreamed about enjoying the weekend with your loved ones in an adorable way, you can head to The Vedanta International for Eco luxury resort tents.

Here are a few different categories of tents that we feature in our luxury section-

  • The Aarti Resort tent This highly luxurious tent comes with two points. This tent comes with a washroom, room and veranda. The roof of this tent is in three layers (top layer 350GSM with flame retardant shade net, 2nd 600GSM PVC non- flame retardant and 3rd polyester Non-flame-retardant inner lining.
  • The Tequila canvas As the name suggests, when we are taking one tequila shot then we feel cool, calm, cheerful and happy in a very short moment. You will feel exactly the same feeling, when you will be entering our luxury canvas tent "Tequila Canvas Tent".
  • Wild Pardise This luxury tent has two main pointed and three small pointed shape tents, which has four layers of 1st UV sandy shade net fly (this net gives luxury look and sound proof from rains), 2nd 640gsm PVC fabric (this fly makes this tent 100% waterproof), 3rd polyester ripstop Canvas (this fly makes strong barrier between roof and side walls and protect from winds) and 4th luxury polyester inner lining (this fly cover every accessories like steel poles, electric wires etc. and give ultra-luxury look from inner side of the tent.
  • Noor Mahal The Noor Mahal is the most gorgeous, magnificent, and elite tent ever designed in the entire world. It is the most luxurious, lavish and oozes panache in every way! This is a masterpiece of luxury tents and perfect for your amazing hotel or resort in every possible way. It can be either set on beaches or hillsides. You can put it without any legal impediment as it bears the approval of the Forest Department because all our tents do not require any concrete construction at all.
  • Mughal-E-Taj  This incredible luxury tent comes in two options - one without the wooden platform while the other with the wooden platform. We provide steel C-Purlins 50 x 100mm beams base and 23mm Russian seasonal pine wood for this classic flooring. The one and a half feet deck along with the 300 square feet front porch only add to the elegance of wooden flooring. The sliding wooden door along with the lock system paves your privacy even more.
  • The Safari Villa  The Safari Villa is an exceptionally beautiful luxury resort tent. This elegant tent is two- pointed. Side walls of this tent are in wooden panels and clear PVC fabric. Wooden side walls give a perfect luxury look and clear fabric gives a lovely view to your guest from inside of the tent to outside..
  • The Night Safari Tent  This is a luxury tent that stars a four-pointed shape and is made with four layers. The outer layer is in ultra UV shade fly and the second is a PVC fabric, and the third layer is made with polyester canvas, the last layer is made with a special cotton fabric. The side walls feature panels, doors and windows, which are made with aluminum, puf panels & glass. The tent is made with extremely beautiful and brilliant design. This is perfect for all your family vacations as the tent is quite large.
  • Luxury Restaurant Tent  In recent times, everyone is tired of the technologically stuck life. They are trying to find a place where they can relax and rejuvenate all the stress they have with them. With running, around throughout the week, we all have somewhere to forget to spend some quality time with our special ones from our busy schedules. Do you really remember when you got in touch with nature directly or when you last saw the sparkling stars in the open black night? Since team The Villa Tent understands all the tactics of your life, we have designed the ultimate comfortable and effortless restaurant tents. These restaurant resort tents are like no one else, and are ideal for both hotels and resorts. If you want your guests to have the finest time in your resort, you can go for our stunning night safari tents.
  • White Forest The White Forest Tent is in a pyramid shape and has all the essentials inside. It is a compact and perfect tent for big events, weddings and functions. If you have any massive celebration in your resort or hotel, you can use the White Forest Tent as washrooms, guard room, changing room and much more. It is a multipurpose tent that comes with a steel glass door, a lock system and last but not the least it comes with four layers.
  • The Container Tent This tent has wooden flooring platforms. It is made in two pointed dimensions in 3 layers that are rain fly, PVC and printed fabric. The lining of this tent is detachable, which is perfect for cleaning whenever required. This tent is the perfect choice for long stays at the beach.
  • The Mud-Land Resort Tent  The Mud-land Resort Tent is made in 100% polyester sand colour waterproofed canvas and two pointed. It is a semi-permanent structure. It is an ideal for tented resorts, camping beach side or hillside camping and hotels. The tent is 14feet by 28feet, and the platform height of this tent is about 1.6 feet. It is absolutely perfect for any special occasions or resorts that have gala events.

Stop Thinking! And Pick The Right Fit For Your Luxurious Resort Tents And Help Your Guests In Creating A Memorable Glamping Experience!