Wild Paradise Tent

Make Your Resort Look Beautiful and Attract More Customers with Our Wild Paradise Luxurious Semi Permanent Resort

Today we are first time, in the history of the luxury resort tents manufacturing introducing our new luxuries resort tent “Wild Paradise “. It has features of four most popular luxury resort tents like Junglee Safari tent, Raj tent, Pyramid tent and Swiss cottage tents.This is gorgeous resort tent but we make it as a eco semi-permanent structure. You have no need any concrete construction from you side because it is freestanding and put up direct on the plane surface of the earth. We are Eco and Ultra-luxury resort tents manufacturer and exporter. If you are searching luxury or ultra-luxury resort tents manufacturers on Google, Yahoo, Bing search engine then please visit us on thevillatent.com We hope you are finds more than your expectations .

It is two main pointed and three small pointed shape tents, which has four layers of 1st UV sandy shade net fly (this net gives luxury look and sound proof from rains), 2nd 640gsm PVC fabric (this fly makes this tent 100% waterproof), 3rd polyester rib-stops Canvas (this fly makes strong barrier between roof and side walls and protect from winds) and 4th luxury polyester inner lining (this fly cover every accessories like steel poles, electric wires etc. and give ultra-luxury look from inner side of the tent). This tent provides sufficient space(12x28ft.) according to your convivence. This space provides you to put up more comfort for modern furniture and accessories.

There are windows made from polyester canvas with mosquito net with winds covers and traditional doors made with real pine wood with glass, which looks incredible with the entire theme. A special look gives our old-style lion face with rings and brass camel lock with traditional keys. We are providing with this door.

This tent has side walls made in the wooden and insulated 50mm panels with decorated real wooden strips gives luxurious inner look to this tent. These puff panels side walls maintain temperature in the inner side of the tent. The strong and light weight walls give protections from the wild animals and bad weather for comfort of the customers.

Thevillatent is the famous and most worthy name when it comes to building of luxurious and coziest tents in India. Be it a resort, wander camps, lodges or safari we customize the tents in the most fascinating and facilitating way.

We are working in India since almost 22 years and have satisfied customers across the country. We along with our most efficient team work to turn your thoughts and designs in reality. Not only we work on your designs but if we are handed over with complete projects to handover to customers we work from designing to architecture, interior and fully developed luxurious tents are handed over to the customers within the desired time limits on the desired place and to satisfy the definite purpose.

Features of Our Lavish and Decadent Resort Tent:

We design tents keeping in mind all the requirements of our customer and our tents gives a pleasure-loving experience to its residents. The tents are fully furnished, air conditioned and provides all sorts of facilities. They are waterproof and have a firm base with the ability to withstand in diverse weather conditions.

None of our structures require any sort of concrete usage and permanent blockage to your area. These temporary extravagant structures can be eradicated and rebuilt anytime and anywhere within a very short period of time. Being in our Luxury resort tents gives you a feeling of home away from your home.

Some of the special tents and their features by the villa tent are discussed as follows:

  • Tensile Structures:The structures can easily withstand environment extremities be it heat, wind or rain. These are 3D architectural designs with fabric roofing. These tents are highly reliable and stable with low maintenance required. It may last up to 5 to 20 years. It is best recommended for remote resort locations
  • Flexible Structures: These types of structures are usually employed where mounting and demounting is often required. It is designed with roof curvature to withstand wind loads and other uncertain sudden weather changes. Though these 2D fabric patterned roof structures possess great stability and last as long as five years. These are suggested for tents to be ready within short span of time. But, if you think about comfort seeking we provide top notch satisfaction to the customers.

The tents we design contains almost all the things that are taken into consideration from basic necessities to luxurious comforts of a person. From living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dining, pools, gardens and Jacuzzis everything is included in our designs as per the customer's choice. We are known for our luxurious resort tent designing. If you also got to design and build your tent in the attractive and impulsive way. Approach us at the earliest for all your tent building requirements.

We serve best in minimum time and the most affordable budget.

For more look at the interiors of Ultra-Luxury Wild Paradise Resort Tent on full screen please Click here


Name Inches Meter
Overall Size 28 ft 3 inch x 14 ft 7 inch (416.01 ft2) 8.61 m x 4.44 m (38.23 m2)
Carpet Area 28 ft 3 inch x 12 ft 2 inch (345.26 ft2) 8.61 m x 3.71 m (31.94 m2)
Side Height 6 ft 6 inch 1.98 m2
Apex 11 ft 6 inch 3.51 m2
Room Size 16 ft x 12 ft (192 ft2) 4.87 m x 3.65m (17.77 m2)
Washroom  12 ft x 6 ft ( 72 ft2) 3.65 m x 1.82 m (6.64 m2)
Porch 12 ft x 6 ft ( 72 ft2) 3.65m x 1.82 m (6.64 m2)
Deck Height 1ft 6inch 0.48mts