You might have seen various Types of tents, but our Ganesha tent is the dreamiest one of them that you will never ever seen before! It is lavish, elite and elegant in every way. If you want to attract the guests towards your resort, you need to have the Ganesha tent in your open area spots. Especially they are made for couples, families and friends, who want to relax in a luxurious way. This is a magnificent tent that is brilliant for vacations and weekend trips as it is spacious. The tent features is a king size bedroom, well hygiene bathroom, front porch area, beautiful furnishing and cozy lighting. The glass doors are perfect as they have white frames, and it matches with the wooden flooring. This conical shaped tent is quite huge and truly breath-taking! The tent is made with 4 different layers starting from shade fly to keep the UV rays away from the tent followed by the PVC fabric. The tent further has polyester canvas and the innermost portion is made of 100% cotton. The tent is waterproof and works wonders for any weather situation. Along with all this, you get several extra bonus amenities like:

  • In all over the world, all the tents like Ganesha they need always support for stand especially in center place. But with the best technique of our engineers we create new innovation. In our Ganesha tent there is no need for any type of support in middle area. Without supporting the inner look of tent provides a crystal and marvelous look to the whole inner beauty of the Ganesha tent.
  • The high-quality UPVC windows and doors protect sunlight from coming in and also give the tent a superb look. We are also provides mosquito net attached with every window.
  • There is a small dressing room by the side of the bedroom, which is extremely incredible for women as they get a private space to get ready.
  • The washrooms are made like any other luxurious hotel room!
  • The bedroom features awesome inspiring furnishing and the most relaxing bed ever.

This is not just a great tent to place in your resort, but this is amazing for photo shoots as well. Luxurious, extravagant and elegant is everything the Ganesha tent is about. It is perfect for anyone looking to have a laidback weekend along with some stunning photographs with their better half. One can leave all one’s stress behind and live in the Ganesha tent!

Why choose the ganesha tent?

Here are two very practical reasons for which you should go with the ganesha tent. First it comes with bathrooms that make it perfect when it comes to hygiene issues. Secondly these tents are also very easily set up and hence that pitching it won’t be much of a hassle. Apart from all these reasons, if you want to spell out luxury while camping or enjoying a perfectly relaxing stay, then what better way than using a ganesha tent? So, if it is luxury, extravagance and aesthetic pleasure that you are looking for, then the perfect tent for you is the Ganesha tent!

Most of the Ganesha tent manufacturers provide a few extra amenities. These tents generally come with glass and paneled windows. Door frames are also provide in this tent that gives a luxurious look from the outside as well. Generally, the ganesha tent comes with one bedroom and even wooden paneled flooring! To provide a little extra some manufacturers even install a little dressing room by the side of the bedroom. One of the most key components of this type of tents is its washrooms that are as good as the ones at home. The most attractive feature of this tent is that it comes with a porch. One can use deck chairs to sit and relax on the porch.



Name Inches Meter
Overall Size 27ft 6 inch x 34ft 1 inch (941.16 ft2) 8.40mx10.40m (87.36m²)
Carpet Area 23ft 11 inch x 23ft 11 inch (534.07 ft2) 7.30mx7.30m (53.29m²)
Bed Room 23ft 11 inch x 17ft 4 inch (402.11 ft2) 7.30mx5.30m (38.69m²)
Bath Room 17ft 4 inch x 6ft 6 inch (114.84 ft2) 5.30mx2.00m (10.6m²)
Dressing Room 6ft 6 inch x 6ft 6 inch (43.56 ft2) 2.00mx2.00m (4.00m²)
Front Deck 24ft 3 inch x 9ft 10 inch (221.13 ft2) 7.40×3.00m (22.20m²)
Side Height 7ft 4 inch 2.25mts
Apex 17ft 2 inch 5.25mts
Deck Height 1 ft 5 inch 0.45mts approx.


The Ganesha has four layers of Fabric:-

  • 1. Outer White Ultra UV Rainfly with flame retardant property 
  • 2. PVC Fabric with flame retardant property 
  • 3. Polyester Canvas with flame retardant property 
  • 4. Luxurious 100% polyester plain white fabric with flame retardent property in our premium range 
  • These four layers of fabric make our tent water-proof and gives fantastic and Ultra Luxurious appearance.


The Ganesha has four layers of Fabric:-

  • 1.The Ganesha has insulated wall panels. These walls are light weight and a source for a barrier against sunlight. 


  • 1.The Ganesha has uPVC and glass window. This window is Termite- proof, Fire-Retardant, Environment-Friendly and Maintenance Free. In air-conditioned buildings, windows with a low conductive material can reduce the loss of energy. We have been designed with a multi chambered which reduce the transfer of heat, can reduce the energy loss by over 30-35%. Thus making it energy saving window.
  • 2.The Window has a mosquito net, so you can enjoy the weather without any distraction.


  • 1.The Ganesha has uPVC and glass doors with lock system, so that your guests will feel secured and relaxed.


  • 1.The Ganesha has pine wooden flooring import from Russia. It gives luxurious look to the tent.


  • 1.The Ganesha has 7.30m x 5.30m. space for master bedroom. The customers will comfortable and relaxed in the tent. The fabric used inside our tent gives your eyes a precious look. Our tent is designed in such a way that a customer can see its full outer view from inside the tent. We also provide hand block printed curtains for doors and windows.

Dressing Room

  • Keep in our mind for ladies so we provided 2x2mts. space for dressing room for ladies because it is the favorite place for ladies and she will be love it.

Wash Room

  • 1.The Ganesha has 2×5.30 mts. big space for washrooms. We provide one special glass window, through this window a customer can enjoy LCD or Outer View. i.e. Weather.


  • 1.The Ganesha has 3 x 7.40 mts. big space for porch. We provide two canopy for shed. It serves a purpose of a small family get together and customer can also enjoy the candle dinner under the open sky