Tequila Canvas Tent

Tequila Canvas Tent

The Tequila canvas name show that when we are taking one tequila short then we feel cool, calm, cheerful and happiness in a very short moment. The same impression will be on your face and mind, when you will be entering our luxury canvas tent "Tequila Canvas Tent"

The luxury heavy wooden legs give this tent luxuries look like palace. Every leg of this tent has own wooden finial so, this feature enhances its beauty. Two big wooden finials as a tent hat make this tent unique and attractive.

Mostly tent manufacturers attentions to decorate only tent face or front side of the tent in the world but our team first time of the tent industries to decorate of this tent from four side (forward-facing, backbone, leftward and rightward) This new invention in the resort tent manufacturing industries done by The Villa Tent Team.

This luxury and beautiful resort tent have a hut shape. The materials are used in this tent are Khaki ripstop canvas, Khaki PVC, Badge color Shade net, black mosquito net for tent body and roof. The Wood and brass for door, finials and Forelegs. The mild steel for tent fitting and structure.

This tent roof is made in four layers. 1st 415gsm shade net, 2nd 650gsm PVC,3rd 415gsm check canvas and 4th 200gsm polyester luxury fabric for lining. The side walls are also made in check canvas. All windows are made in canvas with mosquito net and wind flaps. All tent frame is made in 50mm,40mm,25mm and 12mm for ground sports. The flame-retardant fabric and wooden platform are also available according to buyers’ requirements.


Name Feets Meters
Overall Size 28ft x 18 ft (5024t2) 7.31m x 5.48 m(40.05m2)
Carpet Area 28ft x 14ft (392ft2) 8.53m x 4.26 ft (36.33m2)
Side Height 6ft 6 inch 2.00m
Apex 14 ft 4.26 m
Bed Room Size 14 ft x 14ft(196ft2) 4.26m x 4.26m ( 18.14m2)
Bath and Dressing Room Size 14 ft x 7ft (98ft2) 4.26m x 2.13m (9.07m2)
Verandah (Porch) Aria 14 ft x 7ft (98ft2) 4.26 m x 2.13 m (9.07m2)