The Raj Villa Tent

The Raj Villa Tent has double roof in single pointed pyramid. This tent roof has made in four different fabric layers with flame retardant according British standard (Top layer in heavy duty shade fly treated with Ultraviolet in 350GSM, 2nd layer in PVC rain fly in 620 GSM. 3rd layer in Polyester ripstop canvas for tent body in 410 to 450 GSM & 4th in polyester fabric for inner linings in 200 GSM). The tent frame has 15,20,25,30, 40mm and 50mm mild steel square & round tubes. The 60% tent sidewalls have made 50mm puff-panels have both side PPGI steel sheets. The panel from inside has cover with luxury and flame-retardant fabric and outside panels has covered with shade net fabric matching with outer roof. Other two side walls have made in uPVC with clear glass and inner curtains have be provided for privacy.

If the buyer goes with flooring then we provided Mild steel c- purlin 1000x600x120 mm and real pine with 1.5” thickness sessional wooden strips 9.25” for carpeting. The real pine wood floorings have made this tent supper luxury. The scent of pine wood always keeps the tent fresh.

If you think make a luxury resort tent with safety and in very short time then go with this our luxury resort tent “The Raj Villa” It is fully protected to fire, wild animals and heavy rain. This resort tent is providing you royal feeling from inside the tent.


Name FeetInches Meter
Overall Size 31 ft  x 23 ft  (713 ft2) 9.44 m x 7.01 m (67.02 m2)
Carpet Area 20x 30 (600 ft2)

6.09 m x 9.14 m (55.66 m2)

Side Height 7 ft 2 inch 2.20 m2
Apex 15 ft 9 inch 4.80 m2
Room Size 15 ft x 20 ft (300 ft2) 4.57 m x 6.09m (27.83 m2)
Washroom 10 ft x 5 ft ( 50 ft2) 3.04m m x 1.52 m (4.62 m2)
Dressing Room 5 ft x 5 ft ( 25 ft2) 1.52 m x 1.52 m (2.31 m2)
Luggage Room 5 ft x 5 ft ( 25 ft2) 1.52 m x 1.52 m (2.31 m2)
Deck Aria 10 ft x 20ft ( 200 ft2) 3.04m x 9.14 m (18.51 m2)
Deck Height 1 ft x 6inch 0.45m