surya villa tent

The name of this ultra-luxury resort tent “The Surya Villa” indicate that this tent is very beautiful and ultra-luxurious resort tent. The Surya Villa resort tent has pyramid one pointed tent and double story without any central sport makes this tent unique from others resort tents. You have no need to concrete construction for base because it is put up directly on the surface of the plain earth. With the help of 50x100x15mm steel C-purine our tent platform will setup with any special tool on the base. This tent had real pine wood import from Russian used for platform which have sessional property. This pine wooden flooring gives luxuries look from inside and gives light fragrance of the pine in the tent.

The Ultra-Luxury Surya Villa is fitted with four layers running evenly from the eaves to the peak, so as to match up to the high-end luxurious look of the interiors without compromising on the shelter instructions:-

1st is made off white 90% shade fly 340GSM is made of mono x tape 100% Polyethylene thread with specialized UV treatment and flammability test method UL-94-2013. This layer makes tent Luxuries look, wide-ranging of rains break up to 80% and helps to keep the chilliness of inner tent area.

2nd layer is in off white PVC 640GSM rain fly. This layer makes tent 100% waterproof. It is flame retardant .

3rd Layer is made in 100% Polyester off white Rib stop Canvas 410GSM fly. This layers between PVC fly and inner luxury inner lining. Its works to protect tent from wind, water and sound. This layer is back bone of this tent because these layers cover all side of the tent roof and does not allows anything to enter from the outside (wind, mosquitos, etc.). This fabric is also flame retardant according BS7837

4th layer is made of polyester fabric in 200GSM. This layer gives the luxuries look to this resort tent from inside. These layers cover all wiring cables and steel poles etc. This fabric is having flame retardant according BS 5867-2, type “C”

This tent side walls made in 50mm insulated panels which is made of high quality material. The side walls have one side PPGI steel sheet from outside and real wood from inside. It is light weighted but strong which is unbreakable. The walls fully protect the tent from the dangerous jungle animal and snakes etc.

Especially this tent has three sliding doors (Two door for front (uPVC) and one door (Wooden) for washroom) with toughened glass and permanent lock system gives customers more satisfaction. We have provided five uPVC windows and two doors with mosquito net so, your guests will be more enjoy with fresh air without any fear of mosquitos. traditional brass tiger face lock and lock assessors which make more attractive part of this luxuries tent.

The Surya Villa resort tent come with two shade net from front shelter. So, guests could be seated outside to enjoy nature. These two canopies fitted one side with tent and other side with beautiful two wooden poles with traditional Mughal finials.

For more look at the interiors of Ultra-Luxury Surya Villa Resort Tent on youtube please Click here 


Name FeetInches Meter
Overall Size 31 ft  x 23 ft  (713 ft2) 9.44 m x 7.01 m (67.02 m2)
Carpet Area 29 ft 06 inch x 20 (581 ft2) 9 m x 6.09 m (54.81 m2)
Side Height 7 ft 2 inch 2.20 m2
Apex 15 ft 9 inch 4.80 m2
Room Size 15 ft x 20 ft (300 ft2) 4.57 m x 6.09m (27.83 m2)
Washroom 15 ft x 5 ft ( 75 ft2) 4.57 m x 1.52 m (6.94 m2)
Dressing Room 5 ft x 5 ft ( 25 ft2) 1.52 m x 1.52 m (2.31 m2)
Deck Aria 20 ft x 9ft 10inch ( 180 ft2) 6.09m x 2.99 m (18.20 m2)
Deck Height 1 ft x 6inch 0.45m