Safari Swiss Cottage

Safari Swiss cottage tent might look like a basic tent, but it is completely different once you enter inside. This hut shaped tent is made with two high-quality layers to provide extreme comfort. You will be wonder to know that the Safari Swiss cottage tent features the most gorgeous interiors. There are a bedroom and washroom inside this tent, which is comfortable to the guest.

Here are some incredible features of the Safari Swiss cottage tent that is: –

  • The two layers’ feature, the outer layer made with polyester canvas fabric. This will protect any dirt or dust from getting inside the tent. Polyester canvas is, basically, a layer that is meant for securing the tent from any kind of damages and keeps the temperature warm inside. The 2nd layer is cotton, which is a part of interiors of this tent. Who doesn’t love the feel of cotton?
  • It features heavy-duty ropes, which will protect the tent from the wind. In some areas during the winter time, the wind can be uncontrollable but do not fret! Our tents have served all the facility that you need.The Fittings are in 38mm round pipe and tent frame poles in 30mm round poles .
  • Additional bonus is that the lining can be detached, and you can clean it whenever you want. The room size in this tent is 12X12 feet, which is good as it is perfect for two or more than three.
  • We provide a free large space in the front side and that is covered with mosquito net. So it can be used for multipurpose like if you want to do party with your dear and want to drinks together, you can use that space for it and enjoying the beauty of evening. Mosquito net is a plus point of this tent because it keeps your health safe and secure and you feel relax able by keep safe from the disturbing elements.

This magnificent, simple and modern tent is great for resorts, hotels, beaches, gardens and desert areas. The front porch of the tent is a delight during the evening time and a unique addition to the Safari Swiss cottage tent. The pictures of the tent speak for it, and if you want the perfect delightful tent for your resort or hotel, this is the one for you. Your guests will visit back to experience a fun-filled time in our tent!

For more look at the interiors of Safari Swiss Cottage


Overall Size Inches Meter
Overall Size 12 ft x 24 ft (288 ft2 3.65 m x 7.31 m (26.68 m2)
Carpet Area 12 ft x 24 ft (288 ft2) 3.65 m x 7.31 m (26.68 m2)
Side Height 6 ft 1.82 m
Apex 9ft 2.74 m
Room Size 12 ft x 12 ft (144 ft2) 3.65 m x 3.65 m (13.32 m2)
Washroom 12 ft x 6 ft ( 72 ft2) 3.65 m x 1.82 m (6.64 m2)
Porch 12 ft x 6 ft ( 72 ft2) 3.65 m x 1.82 m (6.64 m2)