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The Vedanta International is a synonym of exceptional quality, translucent luxury, creative design, and unsurpassable craft. We turn desires into reality.

We are the world's leading tent manufacturer and supplier of luxury glamping tents. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in India(Ambala), our luxurious tents are spread around the globe in well-known resorts, safari camps, luxury lodges, and other exciting destinations.

We are a team of seers, opposed to negotiating on quality, committed to innovation, and dedicated to delivering above and beyond – within your pocket, and in an abrupt timeline. Forget about clunky building permits and prefer one of our regular designs or customize your own design. Our luxury tents are built for all types of weather and conditions – snow, rain, or high winds.

Anyone you ask has a special reason for glamping. But, many like to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. Some people also opt for glamping to revitalize their relationships, away from all the distractions at home.

Glamping is where startling nature meets modern luxury. It’s a route to feel the natural and rare facets of the world—without having to surrender creature comforts.

In recent times, the way we travel has transformed. No one expects a usual, one-size-fits-all leisure time. Everyone wishes to explore on our terms and immerse ourselves in regional culture, and we no longer just want to barely witness nature—we want to live in it. A fusion of magnificence and camping, glamping is a door to authentically undergo the most awe-inspiring sites across the globe.

It’s much more than a nice tent!!!

The glamping trend is growing, and it’s indicating no signs of slowing down. Across the realm, you’ll find incredible destinations, each offering its unique windfalls. You can get up in a luxury tent on a hilltop, live in a luxurious safari tent, in the forest shroud in a treehouse while snatching in the beautiful views. And that’s just to name a few. Explore the luxury tents - glamping experiences.

The true glamping essence is all about the great outdoors. With glamping, less is more. Inns, arduous as they may try, are constantly energy inefficient and utilize unsustainable stuff. Glamping accommodations, in maximum cases, take windfall of the surrounding materials, building the best space for eco-friendly travel and sustainability. It’s that opportunity to go on the best expedition, try climbing up a mountain, or diving below the blue.

As one of the best tent manufacturers in India,The Vedanta International deals with some of the biggest names in the hotel and resort industry. Our fabulous tent abodes can be found in well-known luxury hotels and resorts. If you are from the hotel industry or any individual who wants to have luxury tents, we are ready to fix canopies, which is the best choice. Our luxury outdoor canopies enable families and friends to stay next.

We are prominent when it comes to offering fine quality services and products at the most reasonable rates. We have incredible transport and excellent logistic facility plus prompt delivery for all the orders.

We Offer An Outstanding Glamping Experience

A world full of luxury tents, fully equipped lodges, and the fastest service. That is what you get from us, while your guests get their well-deserved vacation.

With us you can choose what you want: big or small, a lot of or little luxury, with or without a slide, box bed or maybe an extra floor. We take care of you from start to finish. Whether you want advice on which tent is best for your campsite or want us to build it as a turnkey delivery we got you covered!

Tailored Glamping Advice

We can assist you through the entire process. With us, you get more than just a tent. We provide a comprehensive service, from initial advice to post delivery.

We will be really happy to advise you. Whether it’s about convincing you of the business case or helping you decide on the interior of the tent, with our practical tips, you’ll always get the outcome you want.

Prompt Delivery Of Your Glamping Tent

No time to build the tent yourself? We will do it for you. We not only assemble the glamping tent, we also furnish the interior or assemble the furniture for you. You can even entertain the first guests the moment we leave!

Increased Demand For Glamping

The camping market is dynamic, resilient, growing, and innovative. The need for glamping is increasing rapidly. Of course, this proposes probabilities, but at the same time paves way for a surge in competition. Innovation is more than ever crucial in the past couple of years to attract and engage the attention of today’s tourists – and, of course, to secure them. With our luxury tents, you can set off yourself from the crowds.

That is why it is vital we prolong to innovate as well. It is our responsibility to stay ahead of the trends and new models on the market. By listening closely to our clients, we can go along with the ongoing changing desires. That keeps us on our toes and inspires us to do more.

Here Are Some Features Of Our Luxury Resort Tents Which Make Them More Elegant.

We are ultra-luxury resort tents, semi-permanent luxury resort tents, permanent luxury resort tents, Indian resort tents, manufacturer and exporter based in India. So if you're scouring for something unique and require the best resort tents manufacturers in India on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mozilla or AOL then your search ends here. Visit our website as our luxury resort tents are totally unique and incredible from any other resort tent manufacturer, not only in India but across the globe. Our luxurious resort tents are eco-friendly as they are not built from any kind of concrete and cement adhesive. Our tents are directly put up on the plain surface of the ground without any anxiety or any flaw to the earth without any carbon footprints. These remarkable features of our tents are a fair alternative for those tourist places where the Government or Forest Department does not allow any sort of concrete constructions.

We also do not use any artificial wood for the platform in our premium range of tents. Our Tent Platform comes with real pine wood with steel C-Purlins. We make our luxury resort tents platform with height approx. 18 inches (1.6feet) with real wood. This height of the platform not only provides security from dangerous snakes and many other insects entering the tent. Most important thing is that it will protect us from rainwater in case of harsh weather. With this kind of platform height customers feel fully secured. Mostly, wood termite is in a moist climate but our tent’s wooden platform has an 18inchs height from the earth so air blows on both sides of the wooden floor. So the chances of getting any termites also becomes low because of the wooden platform of our luxurious tents.

The roof of these Luxury resort tents comes in four layers with flame retardant according International standard (Top layer in heavy duty Shade Fly treated with Ultra Violet in 350 GSM (As per UL 94- VTM 0 ),2nd layer in PVC rain fly in 620 GSM (As per IS 11871-1986 RA 1999), 3rd layer in Polyester rib-stop canvas for tent body in 450 GSM & 4thin polyester or cotton fabric for inner linings in 200 GSM ). The roof of our tent has existed side-by-side from all the sides to protect our tents sidewalls, doors and windows.

Tent frame in 15,20,25,30, 40mm, 50mm & 100mm steel square round tubes. All the tents' framework and fittings are specially made in square steel tube and they are fitted with nut bolts that means our tents are dismantled very easily so the customer can shift his tent from one place to another place. No special extra tools will be required for fitting the tents.Our tents inner linings are detachable. So, when your team thinks that the tent lining is polluted they can remove it and after washing they will fix it easily because we provide easily metered to fix it. All our tents are 100% waterproofs & weather proofed. We are also offered custom made tents according to our valuable customer requirements.

Our luxury resort tents sidewalls are specially designed for all weather. It is very light weighted and helps to maintain temperature in the tent as they are made by insulated panels (Puff Panels). These side walls have a long life and the cost of maintenance charges are very low. Life of these side walls are above 10 years* and tent roofs life are above 3 years*. These side walls provide safety in the forest from any wild animal.

Most resort tents always have a risk to fly like parachutes in the crazy windy climate but our Luxury resort tents will never fly like parachutes even in harsh climate because we will furnish them with great fabric safety valves. So, Whenever strong winds enter our tents, safety valves will be opened automatically and air will be released and the valves will be closed automatically which makes our tents competent to survive in any kind of weather. Along with this, we also provide extra spotting with hidden steel anchors and steel cords for heavy winds to our luxury resort tents.


Discover our Safari range of luxury tents and start a liaison!


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