The Vedanta International

Welcome To Our Luxurious Paradise!

A precise choice, we are one of the top and exclusive hiking resort tents manufacturers and exporters that providing tents to luxury hotels and resorts having creating by an impressive presence in both for the local and international market. If you think your hotel or resorts needs a dash of uniqueness, The Vedanta International is here to help you out.

We manufacture best quality, lush, beautiful and extremely comfortable tents under our brand "The Villa". We have the lavish finest & furnished tents, which are no less than any five-star hotel rooms. Our extensive range includes hiking resort tent, semi permanent, Eco luxury resort tents, Indian resort, Eco cabin, Eco canvas, gazebo tent, and different kinds of themed tents, The Vedanta International, and much more.

As one of the best tent manufacturers in India, semi-permanent tents manufacturers in India, We deal with some of the biggest names in the hotel and resort industry. Our fabulous tent abodes can be found in well-known luxury hotels and Resorts. If, you are from the hotel industry and wants to have luxury tents, our ready to fix canopies are the best one choice. You can also buy camping tent, beach tent, semi permanent tent, pagoda canopies from us if your bed and breakfast is located near camping sites. Our luxury outdoor canopies enable families and friends to stay next to each other when they visit resorts in a unique way.

If your resort, hotels or guesthouse needs tent to fix in the garden areas, definitely you can get in touch with us and we provide our customer services. Our luxurious canopy service come with all the facilities and people often enjoy staying at them which is why our business is rising high!

We are prominent when it comes to offering fine quality services and products at the most reasonable rates. We have incredible transport and excellent logistic facility plus prompt delivery for all the orders.

So, what are you waiting for?? Don't just visit, live in it. Add a touch of distinctiveness and uniqueness to your resort space. Want to know more! Be our guests! You can visit and inspect the luxury and Indian resort tents designed by us in our expansive premises where all types of tents are displayed!