How much will it cost you to install a luxury tent?

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How much will it cost you to install a luxury tent?

We are leading manufacture & exporter of luxury resort tents that are based in Ambala City, Haryana, India for the last 21years. If you think of start-up or extend your resort without any carbon footprints then our team will be helpful in your dream project because our all resort tents don’t require any concrete construction on the side. Our resort tents are set up very easily on the ground with the help of hidden iron anchors and heavy-duty steel poles.

Our tents come with two layers (Polyester Canvas fly and 100% cotton fabric fly ), Three layers ( PVC Rain Fly, Polyester Canvas fly and 100% Cotton fly ) and four layers (shade fly is made of mono x tape 100% Polyethylene thread with specialized UV treatment, PVC rain fly, Polyester Canvas fly and 100% cotton or polyester fabric fly). We are offering to our valuable buyer’s permanents door with a lock system for customer’s safety.

Our all tents are waterproofs and all types of air-conditioning is works in our tents. We are offering our valuable customer to a wooden platform without any carbon footprints with the help of steel C-Purlin. We are also providing our buyers for tent sidewalls in Puff panels or wooden panels for increased tent strength and help to maintain tent temperature for coastal and hill aria.

Our all tents framework and fittings are specially made in square steel tube and they are fitted with nut & bolts that means our tents are dismantled very easily so customers can shift his tent one place to another place. No special extra tools will be required for fitting the tents. Our tents inner lining is detachable. So, when your team thinks that the tent lining is polluted, they can remove it and after wash, they will fix it easily because we provide easily metered to fix it. All our tents are weatherproofed. Flame retardant fabric for tents is also available for buyer request. We are also offered custom made tents according to our valuable customer requirements.

You will get easy when you know what will be the total cost of a tent, including the price of all furniture, plumbing, floor and lights? We have tried to provide such a price to our customer when he will install a new tent in his resort. This price is based on the prices of the seeds available in the market. The total price may be more or less as per the time. It is only a bit of advice to give you an idea.

All these products will be enough to give your tent a luxury look. According to your budget, instead of these expensive products, keeping in mind your budget, you can also use low-cost products.

Estimate Expenses for one Ultra Luxury resort Tent and Economical Luxury Resort Tent

Ultra Luxury Resort Tent                                                                           Economical Luxury Resort Tent                                                      

 Tent Value = 6,50,000=00 (Tent   Size 14x28feet)

 Your Extra Expenses

 1. Concrete platform. Rs,   1,15,000=00 (14x28feet and   hight 1.6feet)          

 2.LED 32” = 25,000

 3.Ac split 1.5ton Voltas=30,000

 4.Wooden Double Bed=30,000

 5.Mattress =20,000

 6.Bed 1 sheet and 2 pillows =2000

 7.Wooden Two-seater sofa and coffee table for room =15000

 8.Wooden Two coffee chairs and table for porch=15000

 9.Shower for bathroom = 20,000

 10.Washbasin with table 10,000

 11.Toilet sheet=9000

 12.Toilet Accessories=12,000

 13.Wooden Almira and mirror for dressing room =20,000

 14.Lights and wiring = 25,000

 15.Labour for Plumbing and   electric 16,000=00

 Total approx. Amount   Rs.10,14,000=00

 Tent Value = 3,50,000=00 (Tent     Size 12x22feet)

 Your Extra Expenses

 1.Concrete platform. Rs, 80,000=00(12x22feet and hight 1.6feet)                 

 2.LED 32” = 15,000

 3.Ac split 0.8ton Voltas=18,000

 4.Wooden Double Bed=10,000

 5.Mattress =10,000

 6.Bed 1 sheet and 2 pillows =1000

 7.Cain Two chair and coffee table for room =9000

 8.Plastic Two coffee chairs and table for porch=2500

 9.Shower for bathroom = 5,000

 10.Washbasin with table 3,000

 11.Toilet sheet=5000

 12.Toilet Accessories=3,000

 13 Steel Almira and mirror for dressing room =10,000

 14.Lights and wiring = 5,000

 15.Labour for Plumbing and   electric 5,000=00

 Total approx. Amount       Rs.5,31,000=00


You should try to install furniture in your tent that is slightly different from the market, this will affect your tent. Tourists will appreciate something different. We hope that this proposal suggested by us will work for you.

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