Today camping has acquired a new definition. It is not just restricted to simply recreational camping with small portable tents with some basic amenities. There is a new definition of camping known as glamming doing the rounds today. This is a combination of luxury living and camping. It is different from regular camping in the sense because it involves using items of luxury with big and lavish tents, so that you can camp in style and comfort.

What is a luxury tent?

Luxury tents are the ones that are used for glamming. These tents usually cover a very large area and have different kinds of items in it that make for a luxurious living. Imagine the rooms of a typical five star or seven star hotels- the inside of a luxury tent will also look like that. These tents come with porticos, beds, wardrobes, toilets, and what not! There are plenty of luxury tents manufacturers all over the world who make this type of tents are they are increasingly becoming more and more popular with each passing day. So, if you are interested in combining glamour with camping and glamming, then you will need to have a luxury tent.

Luxury tents are of various dimensions. They generally cover a large area and often come with more than one “room”. A luxury tent, for a few obvious and practical reasons, is not exactly the perfect choice if you need a portable tent. These are usually either set up in resorts as separate accommodations which you can book separately or these are owned by individuals who set them in their lawns or any other open private property.

The various uses of luxury tents

These tents are perfect if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and avail the luxurious amenities. This has become very popular in the last few decades amongst travelers who want to spend an adventurous day and then camp in the most stylish and comfortable fashion. These tents are available as separate accommodations. In fact there are organizations that set up luxury tents only for interested travelers. You can look them up online and book rooms beforehand.

Breaking a myth: More often than not travelers suffer from this misconception that accommodations in luxury tents are very expensive which not always true. They come at affordable rates too. You just have to search properly before booking one.

These tents are also often owned privately and sometimes used for the purpose of a wedding or if you want to get a little creative be even turned into a honeymoon suite!

Where can I buy a luxury tent?

The demand for luxury tents have gone up in the last few years since more and more people want to have one in their possession. The easiest option is to buy tents online. Plenty of online shops will pop up when you search for luxury tents. You can check out the various types and go with the one that you like the most and the one that is suited to your budget.

These are some of the basic things that you need to know about luxury tents if you are interested in a spot of glamming!