All the Specifications of the Surya Villa Tent

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All the Specifications of the Surya Villa Tent

p>As the name suggests, the surya villa tent is quite lovely and extremely luxurious resort tent. What makes this tent unique from other resort tents is its design. It is a double story, but has no central support and also has a pointed pyramid at the top. A concrete base is not at all required as it can be put up on the plain surface of the earth directly.


The surya villa tent platform can be set up with the help of steel C-purine of the size 50x100x15mm with any special tool on the base. The platform in the tent contains real pine wood that is imported all the way from Russia and it also has seasonal properties. The pine wooden flooring gives the tent a luxurious look from the inside. The wooden flooring also gives out a light fragrance of the pine tree.

The tent is fitted with four layers that run uniformly from the eaves to the peak in order to match the elegance and luxurious look of the tent’s interior without negotiating on its shelter and the exterior look.

The side walls of these tents are made out of high quality insulated panels of 50mm of size. The outer side of these walls has PPGI sheet made out of steel and the other side is made out of real wood from the inside. It is light weighted but strong and unbreakable and that makes it durable. These walls protect the tent completely from the outside dangers like animals, snakes, and so on.

The tent, especially has three sliding doors, two doors at the front made of uPVC and one for the washroom that is made from wood. The toughened glass and the permanent lock system of the door make the customers feel safe and give them satisfaction. The tent also has five windows (made from uPVC) and doors that have mosquito nets which will make the guests enjoy fresh air without the fear of mosquitoes. The most attractive part of this luxurious tent is the lock assessors and a traditional brass tiger face lock.

This luxurious tent has two shade net for the shelter, which allows the guests to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful nature. These two canopies are fitted on the tent on one side and with two beautiful wooden poles on the other side along with traditional Mughal finials.

Choosing a luxury resort tents manufacturer

When you choose a luxury resort tents manufacturer, make sure that they have good reviews and provide the best quality of the tents. A good luxury resort tents manufacturer will have tents that are extremely comfortable, beautiful, lush, and the material it is made out of is of the finest quality. This will allow your guests to feel like they are staying in a five-star hotel room. Make sure that the manufacturer has an extensive range of the tents that would suit different needs. Also, check for the furnishing of the tents because that’s what makes it stand out.