canvas tent is fine for family camping in thailand

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canvas tent is fine for family camping in thailand

If you love camping then there is some important gear that you need to have, particularly if you're going to be camping with a family. Unfortunately, camping can be a little gear-intensive, though on those stormy rainy days high-quality gear is very important and much appreciated. And some of the best high-quality camping equipment you can get is a canvas tent. The range of tents available nowadays is huge. A canvas tent is made from heavy-duty canvas, and it is strong and durable. Canvas is extremely strong. It is fully waterproof; it doesn't flog in the wind like nylon does and it shouldn't leak at all.

Qualities of Tent for Camping Trip

*Canvas is very durable and long-lasting.

Canvas is woven from cotton. The material has been around for a very, very long time and is used for tents because of its durability and long-lasting characteristics. Because of this durability, it is preferred by many military organizations around the world.

*It is preferred for long-term and winter camping.

There are a few specific reasons why masses prefer a canvas tent for this type of camping. One, the material is heavier. Two, people that camp long-term generally wants a little more comfort and privacy. When camping more than a weekend it is nice to have an inside social area and some privacy now and then. These tents come in all shapes and sizes, some even with dividers to have private rooms. Camping during the winter months can get very cold. Canvas keeps the heat inside better than other materials, so it is generally preferred.

*The canvas tent keeps the temperature inside better than other materials.

As mentioned earlier the canvas material is a thinker and more durable. It has holes in the material that makes it breathable, while at the same time holding in the heat or cool air. This thickness and durability will keep the tents temp for a longer time. It can be very nice and comforting to have a tent with this option during the summer or winter months.

*The canvas material is very heavy.

Canvas is heavier than other tents. Because of this backpackers generally, do not prefer going out into the wilderness with a canvas tent. It is cumbersome and too much to carry. It also is more difficult to set up as opposed to other tents. Because the weight of the canvas creates another reason many people use this tent for long-term camping.

*A canvas tent comes in all shapes and sizes.

A few decades ago almost all tents were made of canvas, but new camping technology makes camping a little easier and more comforting. As mentioned, before they are generally made for longer-term camping, thus they make these bigger so people can stand up straight in them and be very comfortable.

So if you love camping, and you're looking to buy a tent sufficient for housing a family, consider paying more and buying yourself a high-quality canvas tent.