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Enjoy an exclusive vacation in luxurious villa tents

The Villatent is a premium camping tent manufacturer delivering cozy and commodious tents for over two decades. Our tents are crafted with unparalleled ingenuity with maximum attention to safety standards. We have dedicated R&D team which assesses existing designs and works to develop newer and better models. As an experienced team, we regularly handle bulk orders with extreme precision and ensure timely deliveries. Along with all types of tents we also offer a stop solution for all your camping requirements. We take care to keep your carbon footprint minimum and keep our rates affordable, so you enjoy a priceless vacation with no predicaments.

Below you can have a glance at some select features of the Villatent


Our tents have proper UV protection with multiple layers which include polyester canvas and PVC fabric. The tent is fitted with heavy-duty anchors so it does not fly off in inclement weather. The fabric is blaze resistant, totally waterproof and the tent lining is also washable.


As accountable safari villa tent suppliers in India we manufacture our tents to ensure a safe camping experience. Our tents are equipped with nets and raised a considerable height to keep off insects and reptiles. We also have sliding doors with lock system to give you required privacy.


Our tents leave our clients in awe. We have a variety of options for our clients which include swiss chalet, Mughal Mahal, Gazebo tents to name a few. We also add attractive accessories to our tents which are mostly handcrafted. Our tents can also be customized according to the preferences of the clients.


Our tents do not require any damage to the topography and have a solar lighting system which provides 24x7 electricity. For camping tours in areas where construction may be banned our tents are an easy option.

Our tents are easy to install and can be easily shifted across locations. No expert tools or skills are required to fix these tents

Over the years The Villatent has become a celebrated name in the industry with its incredible performance and has thousands of clients all over the globe. The trust of our clients makes us the most reliable camping tent manufacturers today. So, if you are planning to add some more fun and imaginative variety to our resort to delight your clients or are chalking your next camping tour give us a buzz. We promise you the smoothest camping experience.