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Extra feature to make our tents more luxurious

We are Ultra luxury resort tents manufacturer and exporter based in India.  If you’re searching or looking for something different resort tents manufacturers on the Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mozilla or AOL then you will visit a website named https://www.thevillatent.com because our luxury resort tents are totally different from any other resort tent manufacturer, not in India but in any part of the world. Our resort tents are eco-friendly because our tents have no need of any concrete and cement construction on your site. Because our tents are directly put up on the plain surface of the ground without any difficulty or any damage on the earth.


Our tents get establish on the plain surface of the earth without any carbon foot prints. So with this extra ordinary features of our tents this is a golden opportunity for those tourist places where Government or forest department does not allow any concrete constructions.

We does not use any artificial wood for platform in our premium range of tents. Our Tent Platform come with real pine wood with steel C-Purlins. We make our luxury resort tents platform with height approx. 18 inches (1.6feet) with real wood. This height of the platform provides security from dangers snakes and many other insects to enter the tent. Most important thing is that it protects from the rainy water in case of harsh weather. With this platform height costumers feel secured from any wild insects. Mostly wood termite born in moisture climate because our tent wooden platform have on 18inchs height so air blows both side of the wooden floor than  1to2% chance to catch  termite in our wooden platform.

Luxury resort tents roof in four layers with flame retardant according British standard  (Top layer  in heavy duty Shade Fly treated with Ultra Violet in 350 GSM, 2nd layer in PVC rain fly in 620 GSM  , 3rd layer in Polyester rib-stop canvas for tent body  in 450 GSM & 4th in  polyester or cotton fabric for inner linings in 200 GSM ). The roof of our tent has been overlapped from all the sides to protect our tents side walls, door and windows.

Tent frame in 15,20,25,30, 40mm, 50mm & 100mm steel square & round tubes. Our all tents framework and fittings are specially made in square steel tube and they are fitted with nut & bolts that means our tents are dismantle very easily so customer can shift his tent one place to another place. No special extra tools will be required for fitting the tents. Our tents inner linings are detachable. So when your team thinks that the tent lining is polluted they can remove it and after wash they will fix it easily because we provide easily metered to fix it. All our tents are 100% water proofs & weather proofed. We are also offered custom made tents according to our valuable customer requirements.

Our luxury resort tents side walls are specially designed for all weather. It is very light weighted and helps to maintain temperature in the tent as they are made by insulated panels (Puff Panels). These side walls have long life and cost of maintenance charges are very low. Life of these side walls are above 20 years and tent roofs life are above 8 years. These side wall provides safety in the forest from any wild animal.

Mostly resort tents always have chances to fly like para-shoot in the crazy windy climate but Our Luxury resort tents does not fly like para shoot in windy climate because we provide some fabric safety valves in our tents. So when air enters in our tents safety valves will be opened automatically and air will be released and the valves will be closed automatically and our tents would be saved in any of the climate. We also provide extra spotting with hidden steel anchors and steel cords for heavy winds to our luxury resort tents. 

So, what are you waiting for? Don't just visit, live in it. Add a touch of distinctiveness and uniqueness to your resort space. Want to know more! Be our guests! You can visit and inspect the luxury Resort tents designed by us in our expansive premises where all types of tents are displayed!