Luxury Tents for Comfortable Stay In Resorts With All Amenities

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Luxury Tents for Comfortable Stay In Resorts With All Amenities

What is Luxury Tent?

Luxury tents are the semi-permanent and some other types of tents that are installed in the resorts or hotels to offer luxurious stay to the customers. Generally tent is a temporary installation for accommodation. However unlike the general tents that are installed just for a night’s sleep; the Luxury Resort Tents Manufacturer offers the tents that would be fully loaded with complete amenities similar to suit in the five star hotels.

Why hotels and resorts prefer these tents?

The ultimate aim of the renowned hotels and resorts would be to offer splendid stay along with all necessary facilities such as comfortably large bed with best in class mattresses, the bathroom that provides bathtub, shower with flexible pipes, wash basin and commode and many other facilities for entertainment such as television set as well.

The Luxury Resort Tents Manufacturer offers custom designed tents with respect to the square feet area required, number of partitions, interior arrangements, windows, entrances and dazzling illumination facilitated inside and outside. Thus these tents would be as good as five star hotel rooms that are loved by the customers.

  • The most important advantage for the hotels and resorts while offering luxury tents to the customers would be addition of the holding capacity of customers. Apart from the constructed rooms and guest house; the resorts can install tents in the open space and offer accommodation to more number of customers. This can be the best mode in case of arrangements of weddings and other ceremonies hen there would be many people staying in the premise for short durations.
  • The Luxury Resort Tents Manufacturer would offer complete technical guidance regarding installation of these tents. The important part of the tent would be the support structure and the fabric that is laid over the support structure. The manufacturers design the support structure to be sturdy enough to sustain the loads; at the same time it would be very easy to install. The clients that are the resorts and hotels would require a small team of skilled technicians to install the tents within no time.
  • Usually the luxury tents are installed on a platform that would be a bit higher than the ground level just like the plinth level of any constructed building. This provides great elevation to these tents and creates ease in the process of installation as well. The roofs and the doors, windows and interiors of these luxury tents would be designed beautifully. The clients can get different types and shapes of roof and easy to install doors. In some cases the entrance and the other internal doors would be similar to thick curtains; that provide antique look to the entire tent installation.
  • Semi-permanent tents, pagoda canopies, eco cabin tents, eco canvas tents and many other themes of tents would be available for different applications. Tents that can be carried along in a backpack bag would also be available. However the customers can expect just temporary shelter and the other sort of comforts available in the luxury tent would not be available. The other kinds of tents would be designed for camping in remote areas while the tourists would be on expeditions such as trekking or rock climbing.