Make your jungle safari more enjoyable with jungle safari tent

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Make your jungle safari more enjoyable with jungle safari tent


There can be no other better way to spend your weekends than going on a jungle safari. After a gruelling week in the buzzing city, the mind wants to relax. You are always on a look out for the best jungle safari if you love adventure. This is a totally different activity that you will never get a chance to do in the busy cities that you stay in. A day roaming in the jungle to spot the wild animals, coming back to the jungle tents where you get to relax and unload all your worries, breathing the fresh air of the forest, sleeping cosily amidst the trees and waking up to the sound of the forest birds. This is the best feeling that you can experience.

Many people are taken back when they are suggested a jungle safari tour. Maybe because they think that it’s hard to survive in those crappy tents for even a day. Earlier, a jungle safari tent meant almost like living in the forest like the tribal people. With no facilities or comforts. Times have changed. Today the safari tents are so well furnished that you can lead your entire life in the tent. The jungle safari tents manufactures will leave no stone unturned in impressing their customers.

Here is how a safari tent is nowadays & dash;

1.The tent is four-pointed shaped. It has many layers of UV shade, PVC fabric, Canvas and finally cotton. The tent is quite larger than you had imagined. You and two others can easily live in it for a couple of days without any space constriction.


2.The frame of the tent is made of heavy duty iron square pipes. So, it is tough and will withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The tent lining is detachable, so you can easily clean the lining of the tent once your camping is done. It is also easy to assemble and remove.


3.The tent is provided with windows and doors which are made up of glass plus aluminium. They are easy to open and close.


4.The flooring is real wooden panel. It is a different level of comforted feeling to walk on wood.


5.The interiors of the tent are beautiful and elegant. There is colour coordination in the interiors of the tent. It is a mixture of modern and antique. You will be living a simple, comfortable weekend and at the same time have a royal experience.


6.The tent consists of a bedroom to sleep in, washroom to get fresh, a front porch to sit and laze around in the evening and a living area. The entire open space in the front is covered by a mosquito net to keep you safe. In this space, you can have your parties if you have friends who can join you for the night.


The light settings are dim and cosy. There is light provided both inside and outside the tent.

These jungle tents are as comfortable as any luxury hotel rooms. You will surely have a fun time when you stay in these tents with your family and friends. You can find more about the tents from jungle safari tent supplier