Safari Garden Tent An Ideal for Enjoyment in Luxury

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Safari Garden Tent An Ideal for Enjoyment in Luxury

The jungle safari tent is one of the toughest tents from the selection of tents in use today. The jungle safari tent is not meant for the jungle or for a safari alone. It makes an effortless way to create a shelter in a clearing in the jungle when you are on a safari. But, it has more use because it is light weight;you can assemble fast, and taken down even faster.

Manifold uses of the safari tent

For instance, one may have a garden get-together. This is fun because the tent helps to create a cosy but mysterious atmosphere outside your house. This adds space to your house which becomes handy when you have a celebration and there is not enough room in the house for all the guests. These tents have standard sizes and shapes, and you can get these details from your jungle safari tent supplier or visit their website

The size for these tents depends on the interior layout. You can have two rooms � a master bedroom and one living room � a veranda, and a bathroom. The complete tent size is 14x24 feet for a small tent. The medium tent size is 16x30 feet while the big size tent is 16x35 feet.If you have any space restrictions, you can customise the room space as per your need. The main room is 12x12 feet for the small ones, 14x16 feet for the medium ones, and16x19 feet for the big ones.


You have wooden panels and tubular steel framework to create the living space. You can use ballast in places where heavy winds occur. In the inner space, you have a cotton fabric that is easy to remove and clean. The wooden floor has a soft feel and keeps the interior neat. Windows give you all the light and ventilation you need. You may use air-conditioning if needed.


Measure the site first

To get the  best jungle safari tent, place your order with the suppliers with the room dimensions. This will help you to get the best use of your open garden space. You get all the cosiness you need from the tent. For long-term comfort, make sure you use proper construction at the site. For instance, you may need to pitch the tent at your resort. Calculate the exact needs by measuring the site and then get the tent made to that specification.

Do the interiors well

Depending on the size of the tent, you can install beds and mattresses, stoves, lights, and furniture. Many people use the rug on the wooden floor when the conditions turn bad as during cold weather. The fabric of the tent remains made of waterproof canvas or polyvinyl fabric. It has a lower layer of rugged heat insulating material. When the size of the tent is big, the fabric is of three layers with the third layer added to increase the durability.

The jungle safari tents cost a little more, but they last longer and provide better protection against the elements. If you are preparing for a long safari trip or plan to use the tent for many garden get-togethers, then you should choose the jungle safari tent.