Simple Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Destination Wedding

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Simple Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Destination Wedding

These days, a lot of couples are choosing destinations wedding by inviting a very small group of close family and friends to a foreign country for their wedding. This helps to cut down unnecessary costs and use it on the destination and stay itself without having too many far-off relatives crowding your wedding and wedding photos. While planning a destination wedding, booking a luxury resort is a must for the guests to stay as well as a location to have the wedding at which is usually the resort’s events hall.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when booking a luxury resort for your destination wedding ceremony –

Ball park budget Keep a check on your ball park budget from time to time and set aside a fixed amount that you will be spending on the resort. Everything from the wedding ceremony hall, to the tent where you will have your food and dance to the entire stay of the guests who will be flying down to the country has to be budgeted for accordingly to your ball park figures. Do note that the budgets tend to increase most of the time so be prepared for that

Wedding décor The décor of the wedding ceremony hall and the luxury tent needs to be taking care by the resort itself. Since the resorts order their tents from reputed luxury resort tent suppliers, they can custom order one that fits your capacity of people and choice of décor as well. For the wedding ceremony hall and tent decoration, the resorts usually have an inhouse wedding decorator that can customize the entire décor according to your preferences. If you are very particular about your wedding planner and decorator, then you always fly down your decorator to the venue and he/she can also sort out a custom party tent from their list of luxury resort tent suppliers.

Food, drinks and dessert Depending on the food palette of the majority of the people on your wedding, you will need to customize the food and dessert accordingly. Most people like to have a healthy mix of local specialties mixed with the traditional customary food of their tradition. For the drinks menu, you can have your own alcohol bought directly from the resort of by yourself from a wine shop to cut down on costs. Most of the budget tends to increase around the alcohol menu itself so you might want to keep a close check on that!

Apart from these, check in advance for the room service costs, guest’s lunch and dinner as well as the check-out timing. A lot of hotels and resorts tend to mess this up last minute so it is important to keep all the information handy in the beginning itself. If you do have family and friends living around the foreign country, you can also ask them to help you with the best tourist locations as well as shopping areas so that you can prepare a short itinerary for all your guests