Striking Your Rhythm on Your Vacation under the Stars

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Striking Your Rhythm on Your Vacation under the Stars


Have you ever longed to sleep under the stars? Did the wanderlust in you tell you to go to places where there is just nobody else in the world? But, did the thought of leaving all the luxury behind stop you time and again? You have a bad case of Glamping!

Go glamping on your next trip

Glamping is a modern term that combines two words – Camping, of course, for one and the other is Glamour. It means you combine the wonder of the natural countryside with the extreme comforts of a flushing toilet or an air conditioning unit. You wander to exotic destinations and live with the soft, cool breeze in your room.

Many of us would willingly climb the highest mountains, cross the roaring waters, or chase after exotic birds and butterflies if we only had the equipment. You cannot climb the mountain without the ropes, climbing harnesses, or shoes. Similarly, you cannot enjoy a vacation without the excitement of the wild in the lap of luxury.

Holiday in a tent

Does this seem impossible? Then, you have begun your vacation – dreaming about it will make it happen! And there are several dream tents waiting for your arrival. To understand it better, look at the night safari tent. It is a tent made from tent fabric with wooden floors and heavy-duty iron pipe framework to support the huge space designed for comfort.

Layers of the tent

The tent cover is a 4-layered creation made of UV shade fly, PVC fabric, canvas, and an innermost layer of cotton. This is tough and can withstand high-speed winds, desert storms, and hailstorms. The cotton layer helps absorb the moisture and keep the interiors dry.

Rooms for you

Turn out to the porch where you can put a chair or two and relax. Refresh yourself at the bathroom attached to the side of the main room. Fix your drink and watch the sights in a leisurely manner. The carpet area is 28 feet 3 inches by 14 feet 7 inches. The room size is 14×12 feet.

Protection from the elements

The heavy-duty anchors for the tent and mosquito nets in the rooms serve their purpose of providing your safety and comfort wonderfully well. Your tent has windows and doors with aluminum frames. They set these into walls made of high density polymer material with properties to keep the heat out and the coolness within.

Easy to clean

You can remove the inner lining of the tents so you can clean the dirt and dust that accumulates. Choose from the Ganesha, the Swiss cottage, Kabila tent, the luxury resort Container tent. Experienced designers with a love for camping and full of the spirit of adventure designed these tents truly functional and comfortable.

Begin your vacation today

Whether you are just a resort owner or holiday maker looking for a way to spruce up your camping site or a vacationer trying to get the most exciting place for your next annual family vacation, the best way forward is to get in touch with the safari tent suppliers. They have an entire range of marvelous tents, designed to cater to every type of vacation. Make your leisure worth it; it takes some effort from you. But, to get the best things in the world, you need to reach out the best people. These people make the vacations happen…leave the dream behind.