The Noor Mahal is one of the most luxurious, deluxe, and most enthralling resort tents ever delineated. This tent is the sensation in the industry of Resort Tent Manufacturing. If you own a resort or a hotel then this Noor Mahal Resort Tent will be the center of attraction and a topic of discussion among your guests. This tent is fully made with fabric canvas and stands on a steel structure that provides more strength and flexibility to hold all the weight of canvas. Its front walls are made with the same quality fabric curtains, which allow the mild natural sunlight to enter the Noor Mahal and supported with a wooden panel at the back of this tent. A long stay in this tent gifts you a delightful experience you ever have. A romantic candle night dinner in front of this Royal Noor Mahal Tent is going to be the best dinner of your life. Therefore, this is an ideal choice for your resort which gives the feeling of joy to your guests.


Predominantly, the wood panels on the backside of this resort tent are made with real durable wood, which gives you no chance of suspicion and the material used in the formation of curtains are covered with a fine net, which prevents the entry of mood spoiler mosquitoes in your privacy. The door of this tent has created with stable wood and comes with a fish-shaped Lock and Tiger handles.

These tents are constructed with light-weighted and strengthened substances so The Noor Mahal Resort Tents are suitable to construct on a beach, hills and even in a forest landscape. The Forest Department also gives the access to its construction because it does not need any rigid footing.

If it is the season of summer holidays of your kids and you are going to book a resort tent then the Noor Mahal is the best choice for this purpose, because you will get a swimming pool along with it. Therefore, your children can enjoy your holidays at fullest.

In addition, Noor Mahal Manufacturer,  TheVillaTent provides you a wooden deck made with 100% authentic wood. The deck comes with 9’10” ft in its length and 7’10” ft in its breadth, overall you will get 64.61 square ft area of the deck, which is sufficient to enjoying your evening tea, and the height of this deck is 1’6”, which avoids the approach of rodents and reptiles.

The roof of The Noor Mahal Tents is made with four layers which make this tent highly water-proofed and does not let the change in its inside environment. This property makes Noor Mahal Tents, the best and ideal choice for using in any weather like in rain, winter, summer, and windy climate.


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