The Ultimate Camping Checklist

The Ultimate Camping Checklist

Camping is fun is especially popular among the youngsters. They love to travel to new places, camp in natural regions and enjoy the nature and its view. While camping is a great hobby that brings in many possibilities of adventure and excitement, it is also an activity that needs much preparation. You cannot just get up one morning and announce that you will go camping. It needs a lot of preparations and research. You must buy stuff, read books related to camping. Browse on internet and talk to people who have done it before.

Apart from all this, you must also find the perfect place to do camping. Not all places are fit for camping. So, you must be prepared hundred percent to go camping. Here are the things that you must do or buy when you are planning a camping trip –

Date, place and time –

When you think of the camping trip, the first thing to be sorted out is when you will go. Mark a date and also time on your calendar. Also, find the ideal place for camping. Decide the place based on its safety and the climate at that time of the year.

Company –

Will you go camping alone, or will someone accompany you? Find a partner to go with you instead of being too adventurous to venture alone. It is the best to go in groups, as there will be more security.

Tent –

While camping, the most important thing is a tentbecause that is going to be your home for the time being. So, buy a comfortable tent that is suitable for the environment and will fit you all travellers in without much trouble. You can buy permanent camping tents that are sturdy and will withstand wind, rain or storm.

Food and water –

The most basic things that you will need when you are camping are food and water. Try to camp near freshwater spring or a river, so that there is no need to carry water. Traveling light is important. Think of whether you want to cook the food or will take it packed. Cooking food will be fun, but hard work. You will have to take all raw materials like fire, fuel, ingredients and so on. Or you can just take some ready to eat packets that are fuss free. All you have to do is heat them in water and eat.

Security –

Camping in the wild is dangerous. You will have to take some safety measures. Knives, sharp tools, pepper spray, match sticks, lighters, fuel to ignite the wood for campfire, torch, battery, camera, rain coat, makeshift bed, blanket, jackets and umbrellas are some things that you will need when you are camping. Make sure that you take them when you go camping.

From buying tents from permanent tent suppliers in India to packing first aid kit, you must be as ready as a soldier going to war. To ensure that you have a memorable camping trip, you must be ready for all types of possibilities. You never know what might come and what you will need. So, be prepared and face all troubles with swift and intelligent moves. 

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