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Thevillatent Best luxury Resort Tent Suppliers

Adventure tourism and tents:

When it comes to best suppliers for luxurious tent, the Villatent is the most praiseworthy and famous name in India. When talking about supplier or manufacturer of tents then we are the well-known manufacturer of ultra-Luxury wild paradise, Safari villa suppliers, white forest tent manufacturer or Night safari tent suppliers in India. We are working in India for past 22 years, satisfying our customers all over the country. We manufacture extremely comfy, beautiful and best quality tents. We with our most effective teamwork make our client's designs and thoughts into reality. We provide the complete luxurious tent within the specified time period on the specified place.

Our widespread range consists of manufacturing of ultra-luxury wild paradise, Night Safari tent, luxury Surya Villa tent, eco canvas, Gazebo tents and many more.

Here we tell you about Night Safari Tent and ultra-luxury wild paradise:

  • Night Safari Tent: We are best Night Safari tent suppliers in India.If you are planning to spend some time for yourself from your busy schedule to feel relax and free then its best to get in touch with nature directly by watching sparkling stars in the black night. Things which make this tent unique are:
    • Four pointed shaped tents with four layers consisting of cotton, Canvas, PVC fabric and lastly UV shaded fly has windows and doors of glass plus aluminium which looks extremely beautiful.
    • Tent consisting of bedroom, washroom and front balcony area which completely looks like a dream. For calm get up, we have fixed the pleasant lightening outside and inside the tent.
    • In this luxury night safari tent, we provide free large space area in front which is covered with mosquito net. Therefore this tent will keep you feel health safe and secure.
    • The fitting and frame of this luxurious tent in heavy levy iron square pipes. To protect the tent from heavy wind it comes with the heavy duty anchors.
  • Ultra-luxury wild paradise Tent: This effective tent has features of four most popular luxurious tents such as Raj tent, Junglee Safari Tent, Swiss Cottage tents and Pyramid tent. If you are looking for a manufacturer of ultra-luxury wild paradisethen Villatent is the perfect place for you. Things which make thing tent so luxurious are:
    • Two main pointed and three small pointed shaped tent with four layers consisting of UV Sandy shade net fly, PVC fabric, polyester rib stops Canvas and polyester inner lining which make the tent extremely beautiful.
    • The windows of the tent are made of polyester canvas with mosquito net and wind covers while doors are made of real pine wood with glass which looks stunning with the whole theme.
    • Side walls are made of wood which is strong and lightweight but is sufficient to have protection from wild animals.
    • There is no need for concrete construction as it is free standing and builds on the plane surface of the earth.

These tents are as good as a luxurious resort or hotel room. Our tents are dreamy, elegant and flawless at affordable prices.