Tips on Planning an Overnight Camping Trip

Tips on Planning an Overnight Camping Trip

Camping and hiking are some of the best outdoor bonding activities that people do these days. Camping in a forest with your best friends is a dream many people wish they could do just once in their life. If you are and your friends are planning a night out in the forest for a camping trip, there are a lot of important thing that you need to keep a check on. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when planning out an overnight camping trip –

High quality camping Tent

It is extremely important to find the best camping tent made of excellent quality materials for your camping trip. It is best to get a tent that is waterproof to avoid rain and humidity from seeping into the tent while you are asleep. Waterproofing materials also prevent tree sap or fruit nectar from getting absorbed into your tent. The material of the Surya villa tent needs to be durable, sturdy and tear resistant. This will prevent your tent from getting cuts and tears from sharp tree branches and thorns. There are a lot of good camping tents manufacturers in India that have excellent quality tents at affordable prices.

First Aid Kit

This is one of the most important items that you must carry not just for camping trips but also for short distance travels. Your first aid kit should include band aids, hand sanitizer, cleaning alcohol, wound disinfectant, gauze, cotton, burn creams and an antiseptic cream. Along with that, you can also carry insect and bug repellants to prevent mosquitoes and poisonous forest insects from stinging you. You first aid kit should also include spare batteries and a mini torch light.

Bonfire Equipment

A bonfire is extremely essential to ward off wild animals, insects and rodents and isn’t only used for providing warmth during a cold weather. Coal, firewood, burning oil and other bonfire equipment is a must. Don’t forget to carry a fire extinguisher just in case the fire spreads due to dry leaves and twigs. Also, carry spare plastic disposable bags to clean up after the bonfire so that you don’t leave any unwanted items in the forests that could harm the animals there. A lot of camping tent manufacturers in India also have all the bonfire equipment for camping so you can definitely find these items with these vendors.

Eatables and drinks

Try to carry food that is non-perishable such as dry snacks and jerkies that you can easily consume. Carry marinated food for the barbeque only if you are absolutely sure that you and your friends can pull off the entire barbeque because in case it doesn’t work out, you will be left with no food! Try to keep the alcoholic beverages on a bare minimum simply because you don’t want to be completely drunk when lighting a bonfire. Being drunk in a forest with wild animals, insects as well as a bonfire around can be a life threat. Carry a lot of clean drinking water for washing and consumption purposes.