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Ultra Luxurious Tents Online For Stay in Resorts Camping Tent for Expeditions

When we think of 'tents' casually, the first image that pops up in our mind would be the ‘A’ shaped structure installed with the help of a wooden support and covered with a fabric. Eventually these types of tents are extensively used since centuries for temporary accommodation. However there has been tremendous development in technology and so is seen in the facilities and the amenities offered in the tents.

In the historical era of monarchies, the luxury tent known as ‘Shamiyana’ used to be installed for the respected personalities such as the royal family and the army officials during the wars and also during their journey to distant places.

Villa tent for luxurious accommodation:

The concept of facilitating luxurious amenities for the respected people is unchanged; however the contexts have changed today. The suppliers surya villa tent India  accessible online offer magnificent tents for accommodation of the tourists. Most of the star hotels and the luxury resorts offer tents for accommodation of their customers as an additional facility apart from their deluxe rooms and suits. These tents can eventually add their capacity to accommodate customers in case of event management contracts for wedding ceremonies and business events as well.

Splendid facilities that make the tents ultra-luxurious:

Though the basic concept of installation of tents would be the same; such as support structure covered with the fabric; there would be enormous amenities at these tents making them ultra-luxurious. These tents would be usually divided into different parts. The living room area with excellent lounge and sofa for seating arrangements of the guests; luxurious bedrooms with soft and spongy mattresses on the bed, entertainment facilities such as TV, music systems and Wi-Fi connectivity; and of course spectacular bathrooms with bathtub, shower with flexible piping and commode.

These ultra-luxury tents would be marvelously decorated with lights, curtains, artistic furnishing such as the corner tables, tea-poy for serving tea and much more. Thus these tents would enhance the traveling experience of the guests for sure.

Tents for expeditions and camping:

Along with the stay at the hotel or the resort; many tourists prefer short trips that include expeditions to naturally beautiful places such as forests, historical monuments in forts, deserts and even in the hilly snowy areas. These expeditions would be designed by the tour operators with all the arrangements including the food and accommodation of the tourists.

During these long treks, hiking trips and expeditions there might be some halts expected in the difficult terrains such as forest and hilly surroundings. The group of tourists can enjoy camping during these stays close to nature. For arranging the temporary accommodation of the tourists the camping tents manufacturers in India offer magnificent retractable tents that are lightweight still durable. These tents are easy to carry and require least space for storage.

The aspirants can also get smaller tents that are for one person to sleep inside closing the tent with a zip. These tents can be carried in the backpacks as well. Thus the expeditions, camping and the stay would be much memorable and exciting for the tourists due to the easy to carry, easy to install and easy to dismantle tents for their accommodation.